How can you create a document online

Uploading a document for online work

When you store your documents online, you can access them from anywhere using multiple devices. Online documents are also easier to share because you can distribute links to the documents instead of sending email attachments. As an added bonus, you can read and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents in a web browser when you're in an online location like or, if you're using Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, on your team website or in OneDrive for Business are saved.

Upload personal documents to OneDrive

  1. Sign up with your Microsoft account at
    If you don't already have an account, sign up for one (you can use your own email address or sign up a new person to be part of your new Microsoft account).

  2. On the OneDrive page, click at the top of the page upload , and upload your files.

Upload business documents to your team website or OneDrive for work or school / university

If your organization has a Microsoft 365 plan, you'll need to sign in with your organizational account to use Microsoft 365. Or, go straight to your SharePoint site.

Decide whether this document belongs in your personal memory area (OneDrive for work or school / university) or in a team or project storage area of ​​your team website. For information on when to use each option, see Should I save files to OneDrive or SharePoint?

  1. clickat the top of the page on OneDriveto documents inOneDrive for the workplace or school / universityupload.If you want to upload a document to your team website, click Websites, and then click Team website.

  2. Click in the area Documents on new document, and then click Upload existing file.


    • You can also upload files using drag and drop or save them from Office directly on your team website or on OneDrive for Business.

    • After using your team website or OneDrive for work or school / university for a while, you may want to add some structure to help you organize. For example, you can create folders and control who can access documents. You can create subsites for specific teams or projects on your team site. Learn more about organizing your team website.

Use a OneDrive folder on your device

If you've downloaded the OneDrive app, you'll see a folder named OneDrive on your device. You can use this folder like any other file storage folder. The documents you save there stay with OneDrive. com in sync.

Note: If you're using Microsoft 365 or SharePoint, you may see a OneDrive for Work or School / University folders. The files you save there will be synced with your OneDrive or team site library in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint. For more information, see Sync files with OneDrive in Windows.

Save directly from Office

If you are working with the latest version of Office, you can save documents from the respective Office program directly to online locations. This saves the extra step of saving it to the computer before uploading.

In the latest version of Office

In Office programs, switch to file > to save under> add a location, and then select the team site, OneDrive for work or school / university, or OneDrive location, and sign in. After you have selected the location, it is always listed in the available locations for a document.

In Office 2010

In Office 2010 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) switch to file > Save & send, and then click im Save web (OneDrive) or save on SharePoint, and choose a location.

In OneNote 2010, switch to file > Share, then click Web , and sign up for OneDrive, or click network and select a SharePoint location.

For details, see Save a Document to Your OneDrive from Office or Save a Document to SharePoint from Office 2010.

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