How can I find out more about myself

Finding yourself: an exciting journey

Reading a smart book and understanding it is one thing. Living it and putting it into practice is something completely different. It starts with the fact that we find it difficult to take a moment to answer questions that may help us.

How about you, take a few minutes to find your answers to the following questions:

Do you have to be lost to be able to find yourself?

When I'm with myself, can I still find myself?

Can I find myself when I'm not looking for myself at all?


"A young monk asked the Zen master:

How can I break free

The master replied:

Who only enslaved you? "

Melanie Pignitter also writes about "the beliefs that we have to let go of in order to be happy with ourselves". It is our beliefs that shape our lives. What we believe about the world and ourselves triggers feelings, actions and, as a result, reactions that shape our destiny.

What are all of these questions supposed to achieve? First and foremost, it is not so much about the answer, but much more about taking time for yourself. Through the questions you occupy yourself with yourself. This is the first step to get closer to yourself. To experience yourself.

The questions "Who am I" and "What do I want" sound simple. Countless times I have answered these questions, written them down and created tables.

Nevertheless, I always like to ask myself these questions. Regardless of which answer comes to my mind, the meaning has grown deeper over the years.

Today these questions do one thing for me above all:

I now know that the answer to that is not the most important thing. What is much more valuable is that I took the time to think about myself.

The Camino de Santiago can help here. It is time to walk the Camino de Santiago. By that I also mean to spend part of the way in peace and slowness. This is possible almost everywhere on the Camino de Santiago, not only in Spain but also on local routes.

How to find your way in life on the Camino.

The nature of the Camino de Santiago had a very strong impact on me.

"There is a place that you have to fill

that no one else can fill

and there is something for you to do

that no one else can do "


So then I went on my Camino.

Everyone can find themselves on the Camino de Santiago. You are unique the way you are. Be brave, it pays to be yourself. Everyone goes their own way, no one is like the other. Among billions of people there is no one who has the same personality and the same genes as you.

Live life and your uniqueness, be you. Don't let yourself be bent. Go your way as it does you good. Be distinctive, no matter which way the others go. No matter what the others tell you, what recommendations they give - you will experience the path for yourself.

Everyone has their own experiences along the way. What the Camino de Santiago taught me about life:

At first I wasn't sure what this Camino would mean for me. It seemed like it was like the way of my own life. In my diary I wrote:

“Always looking for my own way, sometimes I get lost and get sad. I think I can no longer continue on this path in this direction, turn around, do something else, give up.

I feel the same way with the people on the Camino. In the hostels I meet a lot of people, but I can't really find anyone with whom I would like to walk the path together. "

Today I know that the first few weeks of running alone were very good for me. I was busy with myself and that set something in motion for me. In the first few days I was able to get rid of all the thoughts that had accumulated in my head - like emptying a reservoir.

My carousel of thoughts

Unbelievable what went through my head, how much I could think. Family, friends, work, tasks that still have to be done and and and ... Think the same thing over and over again. And again, and again.

But at some point everything was suddenly "thought out", suddenly there was silence in my head.

“That was heaven! There was peace and quiet, unique peace! "

Without first noticing it, I no longer had a thought carousel. Suddenly I took the path that was completely different. Attentively, I noticed little things that I had never noticed before. A snail crawling on an overturned tree trunk, more than 4m away from the path! A small stone shaped like a heart. The chirping of the birds, the wind blowing over the fields. Everything had changed somehow.

I had used this time for myself. Nobody could have helped me better than myself. I had everything inside me, always already. Finding yourself is a great gift and great happiness.

From then on, I was much more open to the world around me. Life changed imperceptibly. It was okay for me to run with other people, and suddenly they became friends too. So I had unconsciously found myself. I realized and knew who I am.

I will never forget the second day of my Camino de Santiago. With my backpack, which was much too heavy, I started walking in Roncesvalles at 6 a.m. Nothing for breakfast, no food. Finally had breakfast in a bar in the small village of Linzoain. I had planned a distance of 20 km to get used to.

Shortly before my destination for the day, I met a motivated Spaniard who had just got off the bus and wanted to walk to Pamplona. I let myself be persuaded to run this far too long distance - what an idea -!

In addition, it began to rain in torrents. The path turned into a single sea of ​​mud, huge, heavy lumps stuck to the shoes. I felt like a professional footballer with 10 kilos of lead cuffs on my feet.

There was also nothing to eat! That day I had covered 36 kilometers with a backpack weight of 19 kg! Totally exhausted, I was just able to eat a pilgrim menu in the hostel and fell straight to bed.

"What did I learn from it?"

Listen sensitively to your inner being and your body, and not to your ambition. Everyone has to find their own walking rhythm with their feet, their shoes and their luggage.

You can also apply this to your everyday life at home. Listen to your inner voice, go your own way.

On my first Camino de Santiago I had to restrict myself very much and only had the most essential luggage with me. That's what I thought at first. I was proud to get by with just 19 kg of luggage.

Admittedly, not everyone understood why I absolutely wanted to take 4Kg photo equipment with me.

Do without my Nikon? Impossible - the pictures were far too important to me for that. I also wanted good quality for my subsequent lectures in Germany.

My thick dictionary of words and the thick art travel guide were an absolute must. 3 jeans, a thick thermos flask, a down jacket (no, I didn't run in winter) and other indispensable items that met my security needs at the time.

be happy with very little material

I can be happy with very little material things. So i thought. It would have been inconceivable for me to have done without my art guide and my thick Spanish-German diccionario.

Then came the third day of pilgrimage. At least now it was clear to me that I had to do without even more. And so I stood in front of the post office in Pamplona with a large box. I had to part with "essential" things.

My down jacket, two jeans, my medieval novel that I wanted to read in the hostels in the evening, diccionario, art guide, thermos and half the medicine cabinet were included in the package that I sent home. Now I had "nothing" in my backpack. He weighed only 12kg (including my 4kg photo equipment). I haven't missed anything.

Through the Camino de Santiago I learned to be happy with very few things. That satisfaction grows from within. That experience and perception can create a great presence in the here and now. I do not need more. Living in the moment also means missing nothing means finding yourself.

"Take only the bare essentials and half of them"

I felt really miserable on the Meseta plateau. It was cold, it had been raining all day and I was really hungry. I had nothing more to drink and nothing to eat, I just wanted some rest! Where is the nearest hostel?

Just then, when I wanted to call it a day and needed the well-developed hostel system, I was miles away from these facilities. Now I would accept the most primitive or even excessively expensive accommodation.

The money is in my pocket, but I can't get rid of it. It's getting dark and I'm getting restless. I have been missing the longed-for yellow markings for a long time. –Panic breaks out in me!

Now I am slowly realizing - I am lost! Far and wide no tree, no bush, no house, no village.

“Only landscape. Lonely landscape - and me. "

Restlessness is not a good advisor

I get angry and scold to myself, why am I even doing this?

Until I suddenly hear a tractor in the distance, which is coming closer and closer. Relieved, I drive to the next village with the farmer. We talked and philosophized about the Camino in the bar for a long time. I was very grateful to him. The day was an enrichment for me.

What did I learn from it?

Accept things calmly as they are. No judging, no judging, but yes again and again, that's how it is now. Yes, I got lost - fine - and what's next? what do i want next The detours often turn out to be an enrichment in retrospect. Life is full of surprises. Finding yourself means being able to find inner peace in everyday life.

Once you have walked the Camino, you will soon realize that you want to walk it again. Either in "thoughts" or actually on the way. The desire in you grows bigger and bigger to run one more distance or another route. This is the case with many friends of the Way of St. James.

Walking the Camino de Santiago and 'being yourself' connects with each other. It blurs. The memory of running is also the memory of the joy, the effort and the encounters along the way.

If you need strength in everyday life at home, remember your Camino de Santiago. You can draw strength from what you have experienced, remind yourself of your path when you need it. You know how much you have achieved and you can trust yourself more.

The longing for the path is also the memory of having experienced and achieved something great. You can be proud of that.

The way lives on in us. In the experiences we made, in the people we met. Remember that even now people are on their Way of St. James, meeting and learning from one another. Everyone can find themselves on the Camino de Santiago.

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