Where does sports analysis data come from

The measurement of sport

Big data

The larger the amount of data (in theory), the more multifaceted and diverse, the more precisely training programs and tactical considerations can be tailored to individual players. However, the larger the amount of data, the more effective the selection and analysis of the data must be. Tailor-made and position-bound. The complex and fragile construct of a sports team will be more successful if the individual is optimized. The individual with all his strengths and weaknesses, be it technical, tactical, physical or psychological, is placed in the context of the cadre. Big data means reducing all information to a number. A result. One conclusion.

Even small mistakes and wrong questions can make the entire analysis unusable. Because every person is unique, so is every footballer. How, for example, can players objectively be compared with one another who - apart from the fact that they are playing in the same position - are fundamentally different? The power density at the top also increases. Information obtained from data is intended to explore limits. Pushing boundaries. However, if limits are exceeded, the risk of poor performance and injuries increases. The closer athletes are brought to their limits, the more only nuances decide. Ergo increases the risk of wrong decisions.

Strengths and weaknesses can only be systematically trained if the analysis succeeds in separating the useful from the superfluous. An example: Even today, with the help of heart rate and accelerometers, gyroscopes or magnetometers (and in the future, for example, with chips implanted under the skin, much more extensive statements) can be made about the current state of fatigue of a player. A tiring footballer can still be effective and therefore helpful in different tactical formations, game philosophies or even with different scores. Cause and effect always have to be understood first in order to be able to calculate them.

So what's the vision?

And is there a limit at all?