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That was the shopping in the districts on November 8th, 2020

Shop openings on a Sunday only take place in connection with an event and in the immediate vicinity of an event after approval in accordance with Section 8 of the Hamburg Shop Opening Act. Here you will find an overview of the streets, passages and shopping streets in which Sunday openings take place on the occasion of an event. Please note that there may be changes.

Shopping in the Wandsbek district

  • Due to the event "Piano Wine Festival - Experience Culture", Kabs PolsterWelt Wandsbek GmbH in Walddörferstraße 140 is allowed to open on November 8th from 1pm to 6pm.

Sunday shopping in the Eimsbüttel district

  • Due to the "Family Festival" event, the sales point at Holsteiner Chaussee 130 (Möbel Höffner) is open from 1pm to 6pm.
  • Due to the "Culture Sweden" event, the sales point at Wunderbrunnen 1 (Ikea Schnelsen) is allowed to open from 1pm to 6pm.

Sunday shopping in the Bergedorf district

  • On Sunday, November 8th, 2020, from 1pm to 6pm on the occasion of the event “Bergedorfer Kultur: Martins-Markt-Fest”, sales outlets may be open to the area delimited by the following streets: Lohbrügger Markt, Sander Damm , Kurt-A.- Körber-Chaussee to house number 31, Curslacker Neuer Deich to Lehfeld, Neuer Weg, Brookdeich, Hassestrasse, Am Brink, Mohnhof, Chrysanderstrasse, Ernst-Mantius-Strasse, Reetwerder, Alte Holstenstrasse, Ludwig-Rosenberg-Ring.
  • Due to the event "Children, Youth, Family - 4th Moorfleeter Blue Light Day", offices in the area bordered by the following streets are allowed to open on November 8th from 1pm to 6pm: Unterer Landweg, Andreas-Meyer-Straße from Brennerhof to the A 1 motorway, New Feldhofe.

The Sunday openings on November 8, 2020 were canceled at these locations:

  • Harburg: City Management Harburg has canceled the Sunday shopping in Harburg, which was planned for November 8th, because the event "17th Harburg Culture Day" is not taking place. Sales outlets in the streets Lüneburger Tor, Seeveplatz, Seevepassage, Bremer Strasse 1 to 3, Buxtehuder Strasse 62, Lüneburger Strasse 1 to 48 (including Harburg Arcaden), Herbert-Wehner-Platz, Hölertwiete 6, Großmoorbogen 6, 9, 17 to 19, Großmoordamm 98, Schlachthofstraße 1, Schloßmühlendamm 2, Hannoversche Straße 86 (Phoenix Center) do not open.
  • WandsbekThe Sunday shopping at the Farmsen shopping meeting point has been canceled.
  • Billstedt:The Sunday shopping in the Billstedt Center has been canceled.
  • Kerncity within the Wallring: City Management Hamburg canceled the Sunday shopping in the city center, which was planned for November 8th, because the event "Art and Culture" was canceled. This applies to the Kerncity within the Wallring (Steintorwall, Glockengießerwall, Esplanade, Caffamacherreihe to Graskeller, Willy-Brandt-Straße to Klosterwall) and the Überseeboulevard in HafenCity. Further information can be found at: City Management Hamburg
  • Barmbek-South: The Sunday shopping on November 8th in the Hamburger Meile has been canceled. (Source: Facebook page of the Hamburger Meile)
  • Niendorf: The planned Sunday opening at Tibarg has been canceled. The exhibition "TibART!" will take place as planned as a shop window exhibition from November 8th to November 21st, 2020 - regardless of the cancellation of the Sunday shopping on Tibarg. (Source: Tibarg)
  • Altona: Ikea Altona has canceled the Blue Light Day 2020 event and the associated Sunday opening. Sales outlets in Neue Große Bergstrasse 1 to 44, Paul-Nevermann-Platz 15 (MediaMarkt) and Ottenser Hauptstrasse 2 to 27 will also not open. (Source: Ikea Altona)

All statements without guarantee. Subject to changes.

Different opening times apply to the shops in the lobby of Hamburg Central Station and Hamburg Airport. Parts of the foyer are open Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.