What are cobalt properties

Cobalt - what is it?

Occurrence and history

This is what lies behind the element symbol $ Co $ and the atomic number $ 27 $ in the periodic table of the elements Subgroup metalCobalt. It owes its name to its history of discovery. As in the middle ages in smelting, the extraction of metals from oresWhen apparently silver ore released toxic gases and silver could not be extracted, the often superstitious miners blamed goblins. When the Swedish chemist Georg Brandt discovered the unknown gray metal in 1735, he named it cobalt (Latin cobaltum).

Although cobalt is a very rare metal, its production has increased significantly in recent years. The largest producers of cobalt are the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Australia. Cobalt is extracted in the form of ores, an example of this is Cobaltite $ (CoAsS) $.

Properties and use

The bluish-gray cobalt is one of the Heavy metals, is ignoble and oxidizes in the air. In addition, cobalt forms colored salts. Even if cobalt was not known as such in the 13th century, it was already known as dye used. Because cobalt compounds such as cobalt oxide and cobalt phosphate are used to produce a glass dye that we use today Smalt name, and other cobalt pigments, for example as Cobalt blue can be used in painting.

Nowadays cobalt is mainly used in technology. It's an important part of Alloysthat are used for corrosion-resistant metals in chemical plants, turbines or in space travel. Cobalt also provides better resistance in high-speed cutting tools such as drills and chisels. In conjunction with nickel or iron, it is even suitable for the production of permanent magnets.