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Nature photography: the most beautiful photos & photo series

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Nature photography

GEO is known for impressive reports and great nature photography. On this themed page we show you the photo series and videos of the most beautiful nature photography.
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Satellite photography How humans are changing the deserts

11 images

Fascination bird flight photo competition: Nature photographer of the year honored

8 images

Interview Robert Marc Lehmann: "The shopping list is our ballot for the earth"

Bavaria's natural wonders on the doorstep: a photographic declaration of love for the Alps

11 images

Photo competition Photographers show the beauty of the world in black and white

9 pictures
While Instagramer outbid each other in increasingly blatant colors and color contrasts, black and white connoisseurs celebrate photographic reduction. We show the winners of one of the largest photo competitions on the subject

Photo competition These photos come very close to nature

13 images
The pictures of the "Close-up Photographer of the Year" illuminate a world that otherwise remains hidden from us.

Sony World Photography Awards The most fascinating nature and landscape images of the year

11 images
Cheeky rabbits, lonely riders and fascinating river landscapes - the World Photography Organization selects the best photos of the past year. We show selected images from the categories "Natural World & Wildlife" and "Landscapes"

Photo competition Adventurous, strong and touching: Award-winning nature photography

10 images
The jury of the Frank Hurley Photography Awards 2020 has honored the legendary photographer Frank Hurley for outstanding images of nature. We show a selection of the winners

Photo competition Heavenly photos: Our galaxy is so impressive

10 images
Northern lights, solar storms and astronomical nebulae: The "Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year" has announced the winners of the People's Choice Awards

Winter landscapes Frozen lakes all over the world are so magical

10 images
When freezing temperatures freeze the surfaces of lakes, some bodies of water are transformed into fascinating winter spectacles. We travel to ten icy lakes around the world, which show their most beautiful side in winter

From South Tyrol to South Africa The most beautiful valleys in the world

12 images
From small and idyllic to huge and spectacular - across all continents there are valleys that take our breath away. We present the twelve most beautiful valleys worldwide

Photo Contest Award-winning images: These photos celebrate the power and beauty of nature

15 images
Every year the Travel Photographer of the Year Award selects the most spectacular pictures that have been taken while traveling around the world. Our selection shows those that portray nature in extraordinary perspectives. There are majestic humpback whales, glowing squids, but also icy snowy landscapes

Bird photography school: six tips for special shots

Just watching birds has a meditative character. But the feathered miracles of color also offer wonderful photo opportunities. So pick up the camera and start shooting. With these tips, impressive motifs are guaranteed

Thermal baths The most beautiful hot springs in the world

10 images
For centuries, hot springs have served us humans for medical or therapeutic purposes. Even the ancient Romans loved to have fun in the natural thermal baths. We show the most beautiful thermal springs in the world in a photo series

Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 photo competition: The magical and moving winning photos

13 images
For the fifth time, the renowned photo competition selects the world's best nature and animal photos. Fascinating picture compositions and moving snapshots invite you to be amazed and reflect. We show a selection of the most exciting pictures

Heavenly Photo Prize Radiantly beautiful: The best astro photos of the year

11 images
We introduce the winners of the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year photo competition

Time travel The Green Belt - An extraordinary piece of Germany

10 images
Anyone wandering along here is not just walking through a chapter of German history. As an unusual biotope, the Green Belt is home to numerous rare animal and plant species. GDR refugee Mario Goldstein explored it in 100 days and returned with impressive stories

Nature photography prize, as gripping as a thriller

8 images
Tens of thousands of photos were available at the "Siena International Photo Awards". Now the jury has chosen the 2020 winning pictures. We show the excellent animal and nature photos of the competition

Photography European Wildlife Photographer of the Year: These are the winning photos

11 images
The winning pictures of the European Nature Photographer of the Year competition tell of proud fathers, tiny giants and sad monkey theater. In addition to the main prize winner Jasper Doest, we present the winners of all categories

Europe The wild Isar: A river jewel worth protecting

11 images
With detailed and poetic photographs, the illustrated book "Wilde Isar" creates an impressive portrait of a changeable river landscape. We show a selection of the pictures

Weather pictures of the year Award-winning weather photography: of mighty storms and unique clouds

14 images
Exciting, extraordinary and worrying weather phenomena are gathering for the fifth year at the Weather Photographer of the Year 2020. We are showing a selection of the best motifs

Natural wonders 15 landscapes that lie in Germany - but don't look like them at all

15 images
Mountain lakes, island worlds, sequoias: Germany's natural landscapes could hardly be more different!

Drone Photography The best nature photos from the air

12 images