What are some camping tips for Coachella

The Coachella is an absolute "once-in-a-life-time" experience! If you got a taste for the numerous snaps and pictures, we have put together a few valuable tips as well as a rough overview of the costs. By the way, you can find the “Follow me around” about the festival here.


The best way to get to Coachella is to fly to Los Angeles (LAX). The costs depend heavily on the departure airport and the season, but in April you can roughly plan 600-700 euros calculate. If you really want to save money, we recommend our "Booker", who specializes in booking particularly cheap flights from Germany to the USA. You can find his services and contacts here.

If you plan to spend a few days in L.A. before or after, you can come with us 60-80 $ Take a taxi to the popular parts of the city. However, we recommend using the UBER app, which you can download here. This can generally save a few euros when getting around the USA and in most cases it works smoothly. If you register with UBER and use the code “uberNOVALANALOVEue”, you will receive a € 10 voucher for your first trip.


We recommend that you arrive one day before the festival (Thursday). The Coachella takes place in the desert, the closest location is Palm Springs. The best way to get to Palm Springs is by rental car. For this you absolutely need a credit card and a driver's license, both from the same holder. Pre-ordering has proven its worth here, we were shocked that all rental cars in the festival week were already reserved or incredibly overpriced and we had to go with the UBER. That took us approx. 300 $, cost depending on the tariff and size of the car. If you only come to the festival (e.g. Thursday-Monday), the transfer to the desert also costs 280-300 $. On the Coachella homepage you can go for $ 50 / person Also book a shuttle service, that didn't work at all for us the first time, as these shuttles only leave 3 times a day. If your flight is delayed, etc. you have missed the connection straight away. It is better not to save at the wrong end in order to end up at the airport in the worst case.

Tickets and why VIP?

The simple tickets cost 399$This gives you access to the festival and is only allowed to consume alcohol in the specially marked “beer gardens”. For us, investing in a VIP ticket has always been worthwhile. Advantages: A faster entrance and exit, 2x beautifully designed, delimited areas in which the highest density of celebrities prevails and significantly more shady places under palm trees. In addition, there is a completely different range of food and any kind of drink can be drunk anywhere. It is also nice that you have a “retreat” where there is a little less going on. The Coachella is getting more popular and crowded every year! If you have rented a rental car, you can also book the VIP parking here and are very close to the festival area. A VIP ticket costs 899 $.

Coachella is not (yet) Tomorrowland, if you are fast it is no problem to get tickets. This year the tickets went on sale on January 6th, 2016. You can find step-by-step instructions for the purchase process here.


This time we slept in the Hilton Hotel, there was a pool party every day that we were allowed to attend for free. You can get the Hilton for approx. 400 € / the night for two. If you are looking for a little more quiet, you should perhaps look for an alternative ...

The hotel was OK, unfortunately it takes about an hour to get to the festival by shuttle bus from there. The Marriott Hotel (330 €) liked it better from last year and was only 20 minutes away. Of course, you can also really “festival-like” camping on the site (99 $ in total), there are also combination tickets. However, we have not yet done that and unfortunately cannot give any tips here. Just one thing at this point: It gets really cold in the desert at night!

-> Another tip for the insecure and lazy: You can also book combination packages directly on the Coachella website. What that means? For a total price of 3.000 $ (approx. € 2,800) you get 2 x VIP tickets, 3 x nights in a hotel (Fri - Mon, different to choose from) for two people including breakfast, access to the pool party and the shuttle bus for two people. Then all you have to do is organize the flights. You can find an overview here.

From the hotel to the festival?

There is also a transfer here that can be booked separately. The shuttle buses (Any time, any line) cost 60 $ for 3 days, driving there and back at very regular intervals throughout the day. Even in the evening on the way back, we never waited longer than 30 minutes, so the Coachella is already well organized. You can conveniently book the shuttle transfer in advance or directly at the hotel (if your hotel is a partner of the Coachella, you can also see this on the website)

Food & drink at the festival

No wish remains unfulfilled here, from vegan fast food to avocado topping on the sweet potato fries. However, ice cream can also be used here 10 $ cost a hot dog menu with fries to order 16 $. You can get a beer for $ 10, with more alcoholic beverages included 15 $. Water is available for $ 2, Red Bull and Co. for $ 5.

And what does that now cost in total? -> With flights and hotel + transfer you can count on € 2,000 (without food).

That is certainly not cheap, but you should combine the festival with a trip to the USA, then the whole trip is really worth it! After L.A., colleague Masha even hung up on San Francisco for another week, which is also highly recommended.

General procedure

You arrive at the hotel and the best thing to do is to activate your tickets first. To do this, download the official Coachella app and activate your wristband after a few steps. If you are already busy with the app, it is best to create a personalized time table so that you do not miss any of your favorite acts on the day of the festival. Plan plenty of time for the styling and get ready for the day yourself, a little "dressing up" is really great fun. We really celebrate it (; If a pre-pool party takes place in your hotel (usually from 12 noon), it is definitely worth a detour to get in the mood. We were then always at the festival itself at around 4 pm-5pm , but of course that depends on the acts that are important to you. The Coachella closes its doors around 12 o'clock, and it has also proven itself to leave a little earlier. An obligatory hot dog "to go" must of course not be missing ...

Do’s and Dont’s

- Don't forget your jacket or sweater! It gets cold in the desert at night!

- Take the UBER back in the evening, long waiting times, prefer to take the shuttle bus

- Forgot credit card and / or driver's license

- Book a shuttle service from the airport: Don't cut corners at the wrong end, it can go in the pants

- Sinking at the side parties: You came for the festival!

- Rely on the WiFi on the festival site. Better to buy an AT&T SIM card at the airport ($ 80 for 5 GB)

+ Arrive a week before or after Coachella and experience something of L.A.!

+ Pack the Olympus PEN (for videos and photos), it's small, stylish and films / takes photos in great quality

+ Make sure to put in the (fringed) pocket: bandana (against the dust, we already had a bad cough), lipbalm (e.g. from EOS against dry desert air with SPF), sweater or jacket, mini hairspray (is allowed!), Cash or credit card, Kylie's Lip Kit (lasts all day), plasters against blisters after dancing, portable cell phone charger, sunglasses

+ comfortable, flat shoes: you have to walk a lot, the terrain is huge