Paula's Choice really works

Finally beautiful skin! That's why everyone swears by Paula's Choice

Whether in bed with make-up or sunbathing without sun protection factor - let's be honest: We all have one or the other beauty sin behind us. But while in our early 20s we looked fresh and rosy even without creams, serums & Co., our skin suddenly demands more care.

But finding the right skin care range can be difficult. After all, we want her to not only prevent wrinkles and a pale complexion, but also to get hormone-related skin problems under control.

Lots of skin problems, one answer

Paula's Choice wants to end the eternal search for effective skin care products: The American beauty brand puts an end to false promises and only wants to offer products that visibly alleviate impurities, wrinkles and the like.

Many beauty fans have already discovered Paula's Choice and swear by the effectiveness of the BHA scrubs, especially against skin blemishes and hormonal acne. We'll tell you what's true about the beauty hype.

BHA peeling: what is it actually?

A BHA peel is a chemical peel that works with salicylic acid. Unlike a mechanical scrub, it does not contain any coarse granules. The acid it contains has an exfoliating effect on our skin. That means: It helps to reactivate the natural process of our skin flaking. Dead skin cells are gently removed - no aggressive rubbing, which can damage our skin, is necessary.

Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory effects and is therefore particularly suitable for skin types that are prone to blemishes. The acid penetrates into the pores and removes dirt and dead skin cells there. Pimples and blackheads are reduced and sensitive, irritated skin soothed.

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Scrub: Does it Help with Blemishes?

The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Peeling is especially suitable for oily and combination skin and has meanwhile developed into a worldwide bestseller. In addition to salicylic acid, it contains methylpropanediol, which increases the effectiveness of salicylic acid, moisturizes and smooths the skin, and green tea extract, which soothes the skin and has an anti-aging effect. The peeling promises to remove dead skin cells from the pores and visibly reduce pimples and blackheads.

The scrub can be used in the morning and in the evening - after cleaning and before applying a moisturizer. Simply put 2-3 drops of the scrub on your fingers or a cotton pad and apply to your face and neck. Very important: unlike other peelings, it is not rinsed off afterwards.

Important: If you use the product in the morning, you should definitely use sun protection (at least SPF 30) afterwards.

Numerous women online swear by the 2% BHA peeling from Paula's Choice:

I am absolutely thrilled, the blackheads are less (or less visible?) After the first application. In any case, I am glad that I found the product. I was also afraid that I would not tolerate it because I have very sensitive skin, including neurodermatitis. But it works without any problems!

I use the liquid twice a week and the effects are amazing.
My impurities subside faster and the pores are lighter, so less visible.
The skin is smoother, softer and much more radiant. Super

I was allowed to test the peeling via #mytest. I ended up using it twice a day. My problem areas were on my forehead and chin. My hardened blackheads got better, some of them even disappeared completely. However, I still have a few pimples on and on, but thanks to the Paula's Choice peeling, these disappear in a flash. A great product!

I felt so bad about the blemished skin. I exploded in my face and neck due to hormones. Now my skin is finally improving and I am so happy about it!

After about 4 weeks of use, my impurities have improved significantly. My skin feels smoother and shines! I can only recommend it.

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Customer Paula tells her personal experience with Paula's Choice in a video. After the student stopped taking birth control pills, the main problems came. Hormonal acne caused the student to feel insecure and extremely unwell. After a disappointing treatment at the dermatologist, the 26-year-old came across the 2% BHA peeling through research on the Internet - and has now got her skin problems under control with the right care routine.

Here you can watch Paula's experience report in the video:

Paula's Choice: That's what the brand is all about

The founder of the popular beauty brand is Paula Begoun. She herself struggled with acne and eczema for years. During her search for a suitable skin care product, she dealt intensively with ingredients and their effects - and thus became an expert in the cosmetics industry. Instead of creating trends or hypes, with Paula's Choice she only wants to develop skin care products that deliver visible results.

When developing its products, the brand relies on the latest research results and completely dispenses with ingredients that have been proven to damage the skin or worsen problems.