What makes Mentos Soda explode

Cola explosion on YouTube: This is what happens when you pour salt into cola

A YouTube video shows that not only Mentos in connection with cola leads to a real spectacle - but also salt.

Although cola already contains salt, something unexpected happens when you pour a lot of salt into a cola bottle: it creates an imposing fountain. At first it takes a little while for the cola to foam. You should definitely use this moment to add more salt. Then the cola shoots out of the bottle. Unfortunately, you cannot see how high the fountain is in the video.

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The chemical process responsible for the explosion is called nucleation or nucleation. You are already familiar with this effect: if you open a bottle of carbonated water, the water sometimes gushes out explosively. The small salt particles in the cola have a rough surface on which the dissolved carbon dioxide immediately turns into gas. The many small salt particles create an enormous number of bubbles in one fell swoop, which push the cola out of the bottle like a fountain. In principle, the trick works like the Mentos explosion, but the Mentos particles have more surface to attack, so the explosion is slightly larger.

Author: Nils Eighth

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