Cooks make good money

Salary of a cook

Compared to other salaries, your apprenticeship pay is good average. How much you earn certainly plays a role in the choice of the training occupation; Ultimately, however, it should be in the foreground that your interests and skills match your professional activities. Your training remuneration will be recorded in writing in your training contract.

Salary during training

The wages for your training increase with each year of training. In the first year you start with a gross salary of around 760 to 770 euros per month. In the second year your wage increases to around 840 to 880 euros and in the last year of training it rises to 940 to 990 euros. The exact amounts vary from place to place and from company to company.

Salary after training

When you have finished your apprenticeship as a chef, you will of course also receive a higher final payment, because from now on you are officially a specialist. Your starting salary as a young chef is between 1,700 and 2,100 euros gross. You will gain more and more professional experience over the years and can climb further up the career ladder. Your stations could look like this, for example:

  1. Young Chef (Commis de Cuisine)
  2. Deputy Head of the Post (Demi Chef de Partie)
  3. Head of Post (Chef de Partie)
  4. Deputy Chef (Sous Chef)
  5. Chef de Cuisine
  6. Kitchen Director (Directeur de cuisine)

Through advanced and advanced training, you can supplement and deepen your specialist and management knowledge and advance further. A kitchen manager earns an average of between 2,000 and 4,200 euros a month.