The Thai police treat tourists very nicely

On a world tour despite the corona virus: imprisonment in Thailand

A curfew in the Thai island paradise of Koh Lanta? There are worse things. Spending several weeks in a bungalow complex surrounded by palm trees is certainly seen by many as a vacation.

But even I am surprised at how strong deprivation of liberty feels in such an idyll. Especially when the last bit of joy is taken away from you. The morning jog? Not possible anymore. Meditation in the Buddhist Temple? Forbidden. Take a scooter to the beach? Punishable.

The only thing left to me is shopping for groceries early in the morning before the body temperature checkpoint opens at 8 a.m. This checkpoint seems to be particularly tough on tourists, so I avoid going through it.

There I had an unpleasant encounter that led me to the police station because of unauthorized moped use. I was not aware of the regulation that had only come into force a few hours earlier.

Corona has changed the mood on the island

So my two bungalow neighbors and I go out every morning at 6.30 a.m. with breathing masks to stock up on two food stands and in a supermarket. For me, it's the early highlight of every day: an hour of freedom outside the bungalow complex.

Walking and chatting at sunrise, sipping fresh coffee and putting together your daily meal, that puts us in a good mood. A rare commodity in Corona times.