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A1 certificate



The A1 certificate

The A1 certificate is a form for passenger traffic, especially with the EU or EFTA states *. With this certificate, the employee or self-employed person can prove that he is subject to the social security system of a certain EU or EFTA member state.

* EFTA countries = EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland


Do your employees travel to the EU / EFTA countries?

Protect your employees against double social security contributions at home and abroad. The regulations of European Community law stipulate that in the event of a posting to another EU / EFTA state, only the German legal provisions apply under certain conditions. The posted employee must prove this in the country of employment with an A1 certificate.


Who will receive the A1 certificate?

Your employee is obliged to carry the A1 certificate with you during the stay abroad. No distinction is made between posting and business trips. A stay abroad can also last a few hours. At the same time, the competent authority of the country in which the trip is taking place usually receives a copy of the A1 certificate.


Entry without an A1 certificate?

There are increasing controls in the EU / EFTA states. Failure to carry the A1 certificate with you can lead to considerable consequences. In addition to fines in the five-digit range, access to the company or exhibition grounds can be refused or the social security contributions are collected immediately according to the law of the country of residence.


How do you use the DVKG to apply for the A1 certificate?

On-line:The German Visa and Consular Society (DVKG) has an A1 application ready online. Once filled in, only the variable information will be required in the future. The DVKG will apply for the A1 certificate for you. The traveler receives the A1 certificate. Next Steps:

  • Please register with the DVKG; if necessary, register once.
  • Start with the choice of the traveler, then with the choice of the destination.
  • Follow the innovative application process.

Offline: You can also carry out the A1 application process with a PDF application. In the following, please select the A1 application that applies to you and the DVKG power of attorney. Please send the A1 application and the power of attorney to the DVKG branch in Berlin.


Note for third countries with social security agreements (SVA)

The social security agreement regulates which social security law is to be applied in the event of a posting / business trip. Such agreements are of practical relevance in the event of unforeseeable events such as illness and accident. The agreement regulates in particular the care of the posted worker / business traveler in the event of illness or after an accident at work.

The applicable social security law is determined by the Certificate A 1 proven.

The following overview gives an overview of the countries with which the Federal Republic of Germany has concluded social security agreements and names the periods during which the German legal provisions continue to apply when employees are deployed abroad:

State in which the sending
employment is exercised
Period of continued validity
German legislation
EU / EEA member states *24 Months
Albania24 Months
Australia48 months
Bosnia Herzegovinano fixed time limit
Brazil24 Months
Chile36 months
China48 months
India48 months
Israelno fixed time limit
Japanno fixed time limit
Canada / Quebec60 months
Korea (South)24 Months
Kosovono fixed time limit
Morocco36 months
Macedonia24 Months
Montenegrono fixed time limit
Philippinesno fixed time limit
Moldovano fixed time limit
Serbiano fixed time limit
Turkeyno fixed time limit
Tunisia12 months
Uruguay24 Months
United States60 months
* Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France,
Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia,
Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland,
Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus; also in the EEA countries Iceland,
Liechtenstein and Norway have been in effect since July 1, 2012
Posting period of 24 months.


A1 certificate within the framework of the EU reporting obligation

When applying for an A1 certificate, an EU notification requirement may be required. The legal framework for a report depends on the destination. Areas of expertise, including social security and tax law, must be taken into account.

Please contact the consular advisors of the DVKG for the implementation of the EU declaration. For further legal advice, we recommend posting consultants with legal expertise, tax consultants and auditors. We would be happy to put you in contact with our respective partner.