How can I download IMO


WhatsApp, Telegram, Allo, LINE ... Although the first of the apps mentioned is the absolute queen, there are more and more alternatives to talk to our contacts via instant messaging. IMO may look like one of them, but reality is much more than that.

It is at imo an instant messaging service that uses the VoIP protocol for communication, such as Microsoft's Skype software. But in contrast to this there are no restrictions on installation in certain countries, it's completely free and requires minimal bandwidth to function properly. In countries like Cuba, where Internet access is very limited and there are many restrictions on the part of the telephone providers, this is the most widespread messaging application.

The most widely used messaging application in Cuba

Main features of the desktop client

  • Sending text messages Real time.
  • Ability to call anywhere in the world using VoIP.
  • Video calls are completely free.
  • Option to create Group chats.
  • Three different themes to customize the design.
  • Contains emoticons to better convey emotions in writing.
  • You can do it here too PC files such as pictures, audios and videos to ship.
  • Requires very little bandwidth for proper operation.

How do you use IMO for PC?

This service, like WhatsApp and other messaging services, was initially available as an app for smartphones and tablets, but users often ask for a PC version for convenience. If you're working in the office or surfing from home, it is much more convenient to use news apps directly from the PCto chat with contacts using a much larger screen and physical keyboard.

Running this client is very simple and it only takes a few steps to chat, make phone calls or make video calls from your PC as if you were using a cell phone:

  1. Step 1: Install the smartphone application on the phone (if you didn't already have it).
  2. step 2: Install the file included in the download on the computer.
  3. step 3: Enter the phone number in the main menu of the program.
  4. Step 4: Check the numerical code that you received as a message on your mobile phone.
  5. Step 5: Copy this number to the Windows client.

After successfully syncing the mobile application account with the desktop client, all contacts can chat or speak to all contacts over VoIP using this completely free, easy-to-use, low-bandwidth service.

What's new in the current version

  • The developers didn't tell us what's new in the latest version of the app.
Requirements and further information:
  • The mobile version must be installed on Android or iPhone for the desktop client to work.