Why didn't my ex block me

Are there still feelings? She doesn't block me anymore

Hi everyone, This is the first time that I sign up anywhere regarding my breakup, but I think I need outside advice. My story: 6 years ago I got together with my ex girlfriend. I was your first real relationship, so we had some teething problems. Our relationship was very nice at first. But didn't last long. The first breakup came. After a short time, however, she got in touch and we got back together after a while. The whole thing happened again pretty much 3-4 times. At the end of last year the separation came again with the reason that I had not given her the recognition that she would like, etc.

Ok - accept separation and try to stay strong. While she was then on the road and after a short time entered into a relationship with a man, I sat at home and cried all the time. Of course, there were some accusations on her part. Again and again I got messages from her with contents like "already a new one?" Or "again contact with so and so". As stupid and blind as I was before love I justified myself again and again to her and it came to the meeting after a while. We talked for hours and got closer again. The bottom line: we got back together. Since at the beginning she forbade me pretty much everything that can be forbidden to someone (going out, meeting friends, etc.) I said that this time it cannot be the same again.

It'll just go back to the way it was before. She accepted it and in the beginning it worked out quite well. Now comes my current situation: I finished my training at the beginning of this year and, because she had problems at home, I looked for an apartment for her. This also worked out in March and we moved in together. As before, it was always nice and great with her, but the last 2-3 months has somehow changed everything. Again, I wasn't allowed to meet friends because there might have been some women with me. At night she went to my cell phone and looked with whom I was writing, but the nature of her has also changed a lot. Then 2 weeks ago the shock: on the way to work we broke up with me even though everything was fine an hour beforehand. She said goodbye to me normally and drove to work. Since I didn't want to clarify the whole thing over the phone, we clarified it at home in the afternoon.

She cried and said "she couldn't make me happy because of her depression and she wants me to be happy she would have to find herself first" no problem. As any human would react naturally, I met and talked to a friend a day later. At some point I got a message from her (although we were separated) with the content "already with your new one?" Well At some point I was home and we just talked again. first she blocked me and at some point she came closer to me. Then over the weekend she treated me as if we were still a couple. Quite strange story. The following Monday she was changed and was just cold to me. Of course I tried to talk to her, but she blocked it. Then a week ago, on my late shift, the next shock: I came home and all her things (except the furniture) were gone. As if she had fled. Since that day there has also been radio silence between us.

She blocked me on Facebook and deleted the number too. Yesterday evening I happened to see that she unblocked me on Facebook, but there was no message from her. This morning at work the "shock" I had a text message from her where she suddenly wanted to make it clear to me that she doesn't know what she wants, there are no feelings and she just feels emptiness. Stupid as I am, of course I replied and minutes later this "no feelings" turned into "maybe there are still feelings but I suppress them because I want to get out of this hole" well. Conclusion this morning we wished each other good luck and that was it. Now I don't know what to make of it. You unblock me? What for? She writes me that she has no feelings? I am aware of why. Why does she keep doing that to me. can anyone here open my eyes? I still want her back even though everyone says "keep your hands off her".

Thanks for your answers. If something is unclear, I can try again with other words.

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