What are the sources for collective bargaining

Wage and salary round 2021 for employees in the federal states

Whether in the judiciary, at the universities, in road construction or in the university clinics of the federal states: The approximately 2.2 million employees in the public service of the federal states keep things running: With their work, they secure the infrastructure that we need to do well and get through the pandemic safely.

The wage dispute with the collective bargaining association of German states (TdL) in 2021 is about the salaries and working conditions of the colleagues in the state service.

And the signs are already pointing to storm: The employers of the TdL have already announced that they want to call up the work process during the negotiations and thus start an attack on the entire classification system. In many areas, there is a risk of poorer classifications in the future. Is this how you thank you for your commitment in the Corona crisis? Act. For tomorrow!Learn more...

We want to know: Survey on the debates on the public service of the federal states

Good working conditions and more money do not fall from the sky. They have to be fought for and defended again and again in collective bargaining. Collective bargaining for the employees of the federal states takes place in autumn. To this end, colleagues across the country discuss their working conditions and contribute their ideas when drawing up the demands. The results of the Survey on the collective bargaining roundthat you can participate in.

Do you work in an IT / ICT department or are you responsible for the functioning of the digital infrastructure in your company or office? Then we want to know which improvements in working conditions are important to you.Brief survey on the improvement of working conditions in the IT sector

Conferences, trainings and more

Events on the collective bargaining round

In this wage and salary round, it is more important than ever that employees send strong signals. In a large number of events there is the opportunity to obtain information, to discuss, to qualify or to prepare for joint activities. Whether nationwide or regionally on site, there is definitely something for you!Dates for digital speech workshops

Leaflets and digital material

All about the tariff round: leaflets and digital decorations for social media channels in campaign design. Learn more...

Take part and get active!

Are you annoyed by the situation in your company or your department? Do you want good money for your work? Are you ready to stand up for it and become active in the collective bargaining round for the employees of the federal states?

Would you like to work with your colleagues and ver.di to gain more colleagues in order to assert your interests together? Then you are right here: become a tariff ambassador!

"Together we are strong"

You have decided to show your face in the 2021 federal states' collective bargaining round! Marko, Sylvia and Marie work in different professions and will accompany you through the collective bargaining round. They talk about their everyday work, state their expectations of what needs to be improved, show pictures of actions and strikes and comment on the progress of the negotiations from their point of view. Here we introduce them!

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The more colleagues now participate, the more successful this crucial collective bargaining round will be!

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As an active or interested party, you will first receive information, materials and news about the collective bargaining round directly on your mobile phone.


What we have achieved in the ÖD 2020 collective bargaining round, information and materials, overview of the results, pay tables and much more:

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