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Chief astrologer Kurt has advice in difficult situations

Eibiswald (pts007 / 07.06.2010 / 09: 30) - The astrology and horoscope site is now offering astrological advice. Visitors can email head rologist Kurt a question that moves them. He will answer the most exciting questions free of charge. With the help of the horoscope, his extensive anthroposophical knowledge and his life experience, Kurt can say whether and when the stars are favorable for the questioner.

The questions revolve around love, work and health. The visitors want to know when they can find a partner for life, whether the time is ideal for a move or when there might be new job opportunities. Visitors who want a guaranteed answer that should not be published on the website can also use Kurt's paid service. Kurt has already answered some of the numerous questions:

If you can't wait for Kurt's detailed answer, you can also get advice over the phone at Through a cooperation with the viversum consultant portal, the website can offer all new customers a free initial consultation (max. 15 min. Duration): There are around 800 consultants available. The focus of the counseling lies in the areas of astrology and horoscopes, card reading and tarot, clairvoyance and fortune telling. As part of a free talk, every new customer can test the quality and benefits of the advice without obligation and free of charge.


The website is operated by Verlag Franz and has been online since 2002. Around 60,000 curious visitors visit 350,000 pages every month. The website offers a lot of astrological information such as daily horoscopes, ascendant - -, information about zodiac signs, moon signs and Co. Spiritual events can be accessed and entered in the event calendar. The constantly growing esoteric web catalog provides an overview of the esoteric online world.

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