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Deeper CHIRP + with FREE online training

Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP + with FREE 4 hours of intensive training worth 34.90 euros

This offer is only available from your echo sounder professionals!

When you buy this Deeper CHIRP +, we'll pack ours for you Deeper Course - Online video training for much better catchesFREE with it!

In 4 hours of intensive course (you can repeat as often as you want!) You will learn much more and better with your DEEPER catch!


What you will learn in the Deeper course:

  • Deeper echo sounder Read pictures correctly and interpret
  • Find hidden hotspots and structures that nobody knows
  • This is how it works Image composition at the Deeper
  • Learn your deeper set correctly
  • Effective working with GPS and Map function of your deepers

Would you like to know what the Deeper CHIRP + can do?

Look forward to the best deeper any times. The Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP + is the first ejectable echo sounder for bank anglers with CHIRP sonar, Wi-Fi and GPS.

The first time you eject it, you'll notice how much better the Deeper CHIRP + is. A whole bunch of new ones advantages above all brings you one thing: more fish!


These are the advantages of the new Deeper CHIRP +

  • Highest Sharpness and target separation of only 1 cm
  • Extremes precision even in deep or shallow water
  • 100 m Scan depth
  • 100 m Range
  • Integrated GPS to create Depth maps
  • Fast charging system
  • 3-frequency system
  • Only 90g light


Do you want to know what CHIRP means?

CHIRP (C.ompressed High I.ntensity R.adiated P.ulse) is a technology that was first developed by the US Navy. Not a single ping of a fixed frequency is broadcast. Instead it is right over a whole Frequency band Posted.

The result: CHIRP enables enormous advantages when locating fish and objects:

  • Precision: Even in very shallow waters, the depth is brilliantly accurate.
  • Clarity and Resolution: The sonar images are much cleaner. You can recognize fish much better in the herb.
  • 1 cm target separation: Your Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP + can differentiate between targets that are up to 1 cm close together. Specifically, you can even detect hatching fish that are close together.

How to use your Deeper CHIRP +

There are many ways to use your Deeper CHIRP +. You can get it from shore or boat exploit.

You can use your waterway maps save online and in the LakebookTM Community get you other cards - free!

Everything is included with your Deeper CHIRP +:

  • CHIRP + sonar
  • USB cable
  • Neoprene pouch
  • Fixing screws x 2
  • quick start Guide
  • and provisions

Equipment features and features of the Deeper Pro + Smart Sonar fish finder for smartphone and tablet

Find fish

Absolutely precise and clear sonar recordings ensure that you can see all types of fish clearly. This way you can see before you cast the bait what is going to hook you, and you can target the catch precisely. Deeper works like you are used to from a professional echo sounder.

Show depth

Deeper Sonar has enough power to penetrate to depths of 0.5 to 80 meters (depending on the model - the START only reaches a depth of 50 m). This works just as well in salt water as it does in fresh water. For you as an angler, this means that you can use the Deeper on the seashore as well as on your home fishing pond. Flexibility is a great strength of Deeper Sonar.

Discover soil structure

The Deeper is your third eye and gives you a detailed insight into the habitat of fish - an incredible enhancement of your fishing experience. You can even see the bottom of the water in the smallest details - the innovative and powerful imaging technology from Deeper Smart makes it possible.

Show temperature

With the clever Deeper you always have a close eye on the water temperature. The temperature sensor detects every fluctuation in the water temperature and shows it to you precisely. A particularly helpful function, as the temperature values ​​always tell you when the time is when the fish bite more intensely.

Smart Imaging

Smart imaging technology ensures crystal clear images of fish and all interesting bottom structures in the Deeper. Deeper Smart Imaging shows you a wealth of fascinating details on the display of your smartphone or tablet. You will have no problem clearly distinguishing fish from bottom structures or objects. You immediately see what you see and don't waste valuable fishing time.

Discover new places

The ejectable Deeper sensor helps you discover completely new places underwater - from every conceivable angle. The mounting options are absolutely diverse, so that you can always find new perspectives. You can sound out spots that are often very difficult to discover, even with professional fish finders.

Catch & share

If you start, you want to show it and, especially in the age of social media, this is particularly quick and easy. In the future, you will be able to share any fishing achievements directly with friends. Every "monster" that you have landed can be shown to the outside world within seconds. Just click and Smart Fishfinder ensures that everyone can participate in your fishing experience.


A big advantage of Deeper: Everything works wirelessly and without any tedious connection. The only thing you need when fishing with the Deeper is a WiFi connection with your smartphone. The Deeper acts as a WiFi hotspot. All echo sounder data such as depth, temperature and fish are transmitted directly to your mobile device.


Your Deeper weighs an unbelievably low 100 grams, the CHIRP + model only weighs 90 grams! This is definitely nothing more than a fishing lead that you would use for a medium-duty basic rig. In addition, there is the tiny diameter of only 65 mm - so you never have a problem with transport, because the tennis ball-sized Deeper fits into every fishing box and almost every jacket pocket. An echo sounder just couldn't be more compact when fishing.

Range of up to 100 m

Depending on the variant of the Deeper, there is an effective range of an impressive 100 meters. This applies to the Deeper Pro, the Deeper Pro + and CHIRP +, both of which are equipped with a built-in WLAN transmitter. The Deeper START creates a range of up to 50 meters.

Always updated software

With the Deeper you always have the latest version of the software at hand, because all updates run easily and automatically via your mobile device. The Deeper app (free of charge) ensures that you can easily supply the Deeper fish finder with the latest software version. You will get new functions and even more performance for your Deeper in no time at all.

Fishing calendar

This ingenious fishing calendar will become very dear to you when you fish with the Deeper fish finder. The fishing calendar is based on the phases of the moon for your chosen location and the best times to bite (on an hourly basis). This means that you always have precise information about when the best times for your successful fishing experience are ahead.

Ready for any weather

With the Deeper you are prepared for any weather and you always know how the current weather situation will develop. With the Deeper fish finder, you get an absolutely precise 5-day forecast, which gives you current values ​​on air temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, wind direction, current humidity or the prevailing wind pressure. The weather forecast in the news doesn't keep up with that at all.

Save places

Smart Sonare offers you a built-in map function that will make your fishing life even easier in the future. Once you've found a really lucrative fishing spot, you'll never forget it, because you can easily save such places on the map. In the course of time, your personal fishing license is created and your information can be called up at any time.

Keep a log book

The practical and variable Deeper Lakebook fishing logbook makes recording all catches a real pleasure. You can write photo comments, insert locations and weather data and create any kind of comment. This could be the type of fish, the exact amount caught and any other information that you definitely don't want to forget. Only with your personal catch book will you go from a hobby angler to a real pro.

Trackback function

This is really awesome: As with a real professional echo sounder, you can also take a closer look at the last sonar history with the Deeper. It is always possible that you missed something important beforehand. To do this, simply move the screen or the cursor on the display of your mobile device to the left and take a look into the past. So you won't miss a thing!

WLAN advantage

Your Deeper acts as a WiFi hotspot. You don't need a WiFi network or internet connection. The Deeper PRO, PRO + and CHIRP + use WIFI instead of Bluetooth to transfer the data to your smartphone even more precisely and above all over longer distances. This allows widths of up to 100 m.

High definition sonar

The Deeper PRO, PRO + and CHIRP + are provided with an even higher resolution. A target separation of up to 1.3 cm allows even small objects on the bottom of the water to be displayed perfectly. For example fish lying close to the bottom such as pikeperch.

Internal GPS

The Deeper PRO + and CHIRP + have a highly accurate internal GPS receiver with which your echo sounder can create bathymetric subsurface maps (depth maps). This is how you map your body of water or the fishing spot in order to have hotspots displayed very precisely. Also ideal for mounting on the bait boat!


Technical specifications of the Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP +


ABS housing, titanium inserts

Sonar type:

3 frequency CHIRP


Narrow CHIRP 675 kHz (cone angle 7 °)

Mean CHIRP 290 kHz (cone angle 16 °)

Wide CHIRP 100 kHz (cone angle 47 °)

Target separation:

1 cm narrow CHIRP

2.4 cm mean CHIRP

2.4 cm wide CHIRP

Minimum depth - maximum depth:

15 cm. - 100 m.

Scan rate:

Up to 15 / second

Sonar modes:

Standard, ice fishing, boat fishing, onshore GPS mode


Water surface temperature sensor in Fahrenheit / Celsius


-20 ° C to 40 ° C

GNSS (Supported GPS systems) GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS

Operating time GPS ON up to 4.5 hours

GPS OFF up to 6 hours

Charge: Fast charging

80% in 45 min.

100% in 75 min.

Used battery

Lithium polymer battery, 3.7 V rechargeable, 950 mAh

Aadapter for socket:

(not included, any USB is sufficient)

Input power 110 V / 220 V Output power: Micro-USB, 5 V, 2 A




Stable connection up to 100 m.


Military green