What is a void in Java

Hello dear TELKOLINE customers,

There have been isolated screen transfer problems over the past few days.

The cause was mostly an outdated one Java Code Signing Certificate. We renewed the certificate 1-2 months ago, but it seems that some customers still have the old certificate in the Java cache.

If the screen transfer cannot be started, only the Java cache of the TELKOLINE customers has to be emptied

  1. Start the Java Control Panel
    Simply click on the Windows button in the taskbar and enter "java". "Configure Java" can then be clicked at the top

  2. Open the settings for "Temporary Internet Files"
    On the "General" tab in the "Temporary Internet files" section, click on the "Settings" button

  3. delete files
    The checkmark "Keep temporary files on computer" should remain activated. Click on the "Delete files" button below, check the boxes and confirm with "ok". The deletion process may take a while. The Java Control Panel can then be closed again.

With best regards

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