Does Atlantis have a spiritual meaning

Atlantis is not a myth

Atlantis is not a myth – Mysterious underwater finds today

From credible sources I read of many underwater finds, sometimes even of submerged city-like dimensions distributed over large parts of the world. Often finds were mentioned off the coast of India and Japan and on the bottom of Lake Titicaca in Peru, the age of which dates from around 10,000 BC. Should date BC. There is also talk of many other similar submarine finds around America. Atlantis is not a myth?

That cannot possibly fit together with the official historical and evolutionary dating, according to which one is around the year 10,000 BC. Was still collectively after the end of the Ice Age shortly before the beginning of the Mesolithic and people at that time practically eke out their daily existence as hunters and gatherers.

The “Brazilian Atlantis”: Remnants of Atlantis off the coast of Brazil?

A Japanese expedition found large amounts of granite and quartz off the coast of Rio de Jainero in the so-called Rio Grande elevation at a depth of 2.5 km do. It has been reported by various authorities (from Japan and Brazil).

Atlantic crystal pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle?

Recently, oceanologist Dr. Meyer Verlag found several pyramid-shaped structures three times the size of the Great Pyramid made of glass or crystal on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle at a depth of 200 m using sonar technology. Not surprisingly, this has often been referred to as a sensational find in the press and online news magazines. For the first time these pyramids were created by Dr. Ray Brown discovered in 1968.

Finding a huge submerged city off the coast of India - evidence of ancient civilizations?

In the Gulf of Khambhat, at a depth of 36 m off the western coast of India, the remains of a great ancient city were discovered by chance. Using sonar technology, it was possible, among other things, to determine the remains of buildings, which were classified at an age of 9500 years using the radio carbon test.

The Yonaguni structures - a find of the century off the coast of Japan?

Although, according to conservative scholarly opinions, they are called natural structures, many of the structures found here are realistically man-made city-like remains, with even a step pyramid, and estimated by archaeologists to be 10,000 years or even older. According to the official historiography, according to which one was in the first part of the Mesolithic at this time, buildings of this kind are highly unlikely to have existed.

Ancient city discovered in Honduras - further evidence of the existence of extinct civilizations?

Using laser technology and the lidar method (Light Detection and Ranging), researchers last year proved the existence of two previously unknown, ancient, larger cities in Hondura's rainforest. with squares and pyramids. Questions as to whether the legendary “White City” was found, which is mentioned in written chronicles, could not ultimately be clarified, but it is now definitely certain that the area was already densely populated in early times, it said a press conference, about which and its content was widely reported as an “archaeological sensation”.

New discussions about the age of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza

During my research I came across credible statements that make it realistic to question the previous age dating of the Sphinx and the nearby pyramids to the period from 10,000 BC and even a little older. As proof of this, Arabic sources are cited, which are supposed to prove that the pyramids are said to have been in Giza before the arrival of the Arabs and also before the Flood, as well as traces of weathering and water erosion.

Different information about the former location of Atlantis - an attempt to explain. Atlantis is not a myth?

Jakob Lorber writes in his "Secret Revelation" that this mighty sea kingdom called Hanoch, according to various statements, was just another term for Atlantis, similar to the ancient and imperialistically structured Rome in its main phases, with many colonies scattered over large parts of the globe be. From this point of view, it would be easy to understand that similar building remains or similar found objects in different places at the same time, for example in the middle of the Atlantic and in the Arab region, come from just one of the many colonies of Atlantis at that time.

The world of Atlantis

A rough distinction would have to be made between a light-filled time phase and a later dark time phase with the outcome in the form of an apocalyptic deluge.
According to many statements, it was characterized by power-hungry domination, megalomania, and above all "spiritual megalomania", with merciless attempts and manipulations on animals, people and the environment. In addition, through various forms of abuse (energies, techniques, knowledge and above all secret knowledge e.g. in the form of manipulations) and almost a collective case, a deep departure from many forms of positive and natural ways of life, principles and norms.
In Atlantis there was also a world that was fundamentally different from today's: the areas in which we are today, at least collectively, almost completely at the beginning, were much more common at that time, in some cases even completely common. I mean topics such as “free energy”, the knowledge of higher cosmic and divine laws and principles, knowledge of the power of thoughts, clairvoyance and the ability to bring about magical influences through willpower.

Jakob Lorber writes of a partially highly advanced marine kingdom that, in addition to many technical inventions, also had significant knowledge in the musical and artistic fields.

From my point of view, there are currently the greatest, most knowledgeable and far ahead of their time “spiritual masterminds” in the above-mentioned topics, but the collective breakthroughs in these areas are unfortunately still missing, now and in the past. From Atlantis, Lemuria, sometimes also called Mu, then of course apart, where these areas were mostly only individual, even collective, instead of today.

Great spiritual masterminds with an Atlantic connection

Victor Schauberger in the field of various technologies, Nikola Tesla in the subject of energy research, Masaru Emoto in water research, Christian Rosenkreutz in knowledge of mysticism, wisdom and initiations, Franz Bardon or Aleister could be named as great pioneers who were well ahead of their time Crowley in Modern Magic, Merlin from King Arthur's Legend in the Past, CW Leadbeater in researching the human energy centers (chakras and aura) and also Grand Master Choa Coc Sui in the field of prana transmission and healing (Prana: life energy). Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharishi, Sri Mata Amritanandamyi Ma, Mother Meera, who even lives in Germany, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as important modern messengers of yoga, in all its different forms (via hatha yoga, mantra yoga and Japa yoga , maybe karma yoga, kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, and especially bhakti yoga).

Energy generation in Atlantis - via mystical technologies

Like Rudolf Steiner, Jakob Lorber also described that the Atlanteans, along with many other technical knowledge and achievements that were completely unknown to us today, had hovercraft with which one could, for example, fly over water. The technology on which these are based is described by Jakob Lorber in the field of aerostatics, as a form of the so-called "mystical technologies" mentioned above, such as B. the extensive use of crystal, pyramid and sound energy.
A classic (non-technical) image of Atlantis, similar to that of ancient Greece, can no longer be maintained based on information of this kind.

Transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age - a possible meaning of Atlantis for the near future from an astrological point of view

Astrologically, we are now at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and at the end of the Piscean Age. An essential meaning of the Aquarian Age lies in a collective increase in ancient positive-occult, spiritual and magical knowledge. A rebirth of Atlantean knowledge?

In an allegedly channeled source I found the statement in this context that supposedly "... a little Atlantis should come back ..." in the near future.

The archangel Nathanael belonging to the heavenly side, it was also said in this source, will lead these global developments.

Increasing collective awareness of the power and effects of thoughts and the existence of cosmic energies and cosmic life principles and laws (e.g. the karma principle or law of attraction) can be expected. The esoteric scene is booming!

As with almost every thing, everything, every new achievement, every new technology, every new knowledge, can either be used and used for the good, or for the opposite - we are not spared this eternal responsibility and the eternal conflict of conscience associated with it stay.
Especially not with a topic like Atlantis, which supposedly perished in the end because of such mistakes, and certainly not with a "Nova Atlantis" named by Francis Bacon, in which a great individual and collective main task is to no longer admit mistakes of this kind to repeat. In addition to the term “individual karma”, there is also the term “collective karma”. In addition, I believe, and have also found it confirmed many times in statements, that there is no such thing as a coincidence, but rather an exact "karmic resonance", that on the one hand Atlantis went under, and with it most of the western secret knowledge.

So you can see quickly: the topic of Atlantis has many aspects, dimensions, meanings and perspectives: on the one hand, greatest positive opportunities, for example in the form of opening up whole new future branches of technology ("mystical technologies") or collective intellectual leaps in consciousness, also related to the mystical and magical Knowledge. Atlantis is not a myth?

Just so that many of the developments I have described and hoped for through Atlantis can happen as soon as possible in real life, the topic would have to be brought to an honest scientific or first archaeological discussion from solely areas of secret doctrine, magic and art. What is wrongly condemned from the outset to the purely speculative and fantastic area, the existence of which one then does not investigate in any name - even if Atlantis' rediscovery and subsequent investigations and research were one of the most groundbreaking events.
Actually, a serious scientific discussion and a new search for Atlantis should be more than worthwhile. Only where this takes place first can one realistically hope for an Atlantis finder similar to Heinrich Schiemann at some point.

A farewell to the former magical-mystical marine kingdom - initiation and protection from Atlantis

The theme of Atlantis, as well as other sunken continents and allegedly some of the advanced civilizations supposedly far ahead of us (e.g. Lemuria, sometimes also called Mu, or Malona) have been moving the minds of many for many centuries, and are made of art , Culture, poetry and literature are indispensable. Allusions can be found not only in the famous song by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "The King in Thule". Atlantis is not a myth.

A few years ago I found an initiation and protection formula on the Internet that supposedly came from Atlantis and brought a picture of the time in Atlantis to life in my mind's eye.

Atlantic initiation formula
From the north-be pure.
From the south-I consecrate myself.
From the east love everything.
From the west-I serve.

Atlantic protection formula
I am the sun

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Daniel Kai Grassl

December 15, 2015

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