Why do people loathe Cristiano Ronaldo

5 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is hated:

"I need the people who hate me" - CR7

Reason 5: Too much whining

The Portuguese are often accused of having liked to mark the "dying swan". There is definitely something true about the statement.

However, to be fair, it must also be said that the opponents foul Ronaldo more than average because they often have no other way to stop him.

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Reason 4: Too much star behavior

For many football fans it is enough for Ronaldo to run for the free kick. His typical, self-confident state before his graduation actually seems to give him a goal most of the time.

Sure, the exceptional talent could do without his star demeanor a little. But on the other hand: who can afford it if not him?

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Reason 3: Too much money

Expensive cars and luxury homes are only part of CR7's wealth. In addition to his extremely high salary, he regularly earns millions in advertising deals.

Here, too, one has to give him credit for the fact that he donates a large part of his money to charity.

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Reason 2: Too much power in the club

It was only last summer that Ronaldo criticized Real Madrid's transfers and complained about the departure of James Rodriguez.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon: the Portuguese repeatedly interferes in club matters and has already annoyed numerous coaches.

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1st place: Too much Ronaldo

Ultimately, it's just Ronaldo as a package that turns a lot of people against him.

Many are disturbed by his self-confident demeanor, his demeanor and his image as an "too perfect" exceptional footballer. That is also everyone's right.

However, one should never forget where CR7 comes from and what it has built with hard work over the past few years.