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equivalent to

The adjectiveequivalent to comes from the Middle Latin word equivalents from what is based on the Latin combination aequus (same) and valere (be worth) is due. In today's German usage it means "equivalent". Further synonyms are “appropriate”, “corresponding”, or “of corresponding / equal value”.

It is always useful in the context of comparisons. Especially in mathematics or chemistry is often of equivalents We are talking about quantities, which in this sense means that the described quantities of the elements can be clearly assigned to one another in a reversible manner.

In order to ensure the compatibility of the courses of study, there are still lists of the equivalents Decipher services.

Wages must equivalent to be - only with what?

The business economist Erich Kosiol got that in 1962 Equivalence principle introduced: The wage must be related to the level of requirement on the one hand and the level of performance on the other.
- Stephan A. Jansen, oddities from the management arena: Reize der Anreize, brand eins 04/2009.

equivalent to"And" equivalent "are two equivalents Expressions.

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