How should you use detergent

Washing clothes: correct detergent and unnecessary products

Compact heavy duty detergent

They are particularly suitable for white and light-colored, heavily soiled textiles. Heavy-duty detergents contain the following components, among others: surfactants, builders, bleaching agents and activators, optical brighteners, enzymes and fillers. This multitude of ingredients is by no means necessary and useful for all types of laundry. The high content of bleaching agents is particularly suitable for removing greasy, pigmented and bleachable soiling.

Bleaching agents and optical brighteners are not recommended for colored textiles. A good side effect of the heavy-duty detergent: The bleach it contains also has a hygienic effect, because it is more effective against germs than color detergents. Heavy-duty detergents are therefore well suited for light-colored towels, for example. Advantage for allergy sufferers: unlike many liquid detergents, compact detergents do not contain any preservatives.

Jumbo packs

Heavy-duty detergents in jumbo packs are not worth buying. They contain up to 30% fillers. For the most part, these are salts, which above all ensure that the packs look as large as possible. When it comes to washing, however, they do nothing at all - and they also pollute the water. But there are also large packs that contain compact detergents.

When buying, just pay attention to the specified number of washes per pack.
It's easy to compare.

Compact color detergents

Color detergents do not contain any bleaching agents or optical brighteners, which can lead to bleaching or color shifts in less colorfast textiles. They are best for colored laundry, but not for wool or silk.

Mild detergent

Detergents for mild detergents contain all the ingredients of heavy-duty detergents except optical brighteners, bleaching agents and, if necessary, enzymes.

Wool detergent

Its ingredients are designed to prevent the sensitive wool fibers from matting. They do not contain enzymes and bleach. In some products, special softeners are added to give the woolen textiles a fluffy, soft feel.