Christmas trees can kill cats

Decorating a tree for Christmas can be really beautiful. Bright colors, fairy lights and tinsel. It then stands in the living room, splendidly glittering and glowing: the perfectly decorated Christmas tree. Until the cat comes ...

... because the trees have a very special attraction for the house tiger. After all, the balls are perfect toys and are only defeated when they clang to the ground.

To counteract this, some cat owners have come up with particularly creative measures. A small selection:

Well, what kind of giant toy is that? In this case it says cat: 1, tree: 0.

But who should blame the kitties, they just find the tree just as pretty and beautifully decorated as mistress and master. Userin loveminnieandmoe is proud that the tree lasted around a week.

Or how about a minimalist version of the "tree", which is then additionally glued to the table. The cat obviously doesn't think it's that great.

Another option: simply prepare the tree so far that the cats have no chance of getting to it. Unless they're good climbers ... it's worth a try.

Or: just don't take a tree!

It is definitely cat-friendly - but only partially recommendable for some Christmas friends who are not so skilled in their craft.

But dog owners also use special means - since masters and mistresses cannot lock their loved ones out of the room, the tree is locked in. Extremely creative!

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