500 lipstick colors are possible

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The lipstick museum in Berlin

The make-up artist and collector opens his unique private lipstick exhibition to visitors with exhibits, posters and recipes from the Baroque to the 19th century and the silent film, sound film and color film era through the post-war period to the present day.

In his tours he gives many interesting stories and celebrity stories for the best.

You can also see over 150 kiss prints by popular divas such as Milva, Mireille Mathieu, Bonnie Tyler, Ute Lemper and Hildegard Knef. He also reveals tips and tricks about the seductive red lips of the respective season.

A look at some of the exhibits

Lipstick poster (c. 1930) by ›Coty‹ on the left and sliding lipsticks of this brand next to it. Left: Refill pen, center: Grand Luxe gold-plated for 25 old French Francs,
Right: Silver-plated Rouge Crik for 15 old French Francs.



Case evening bags (Left) with powder compact, lipstick
and cigarette holder made of satin and black bakelite
(USA, ca.1950) and comb lipstick ensemble
hand-painted enamel (›Stratton‹, England, approx. 1950)
as well as two mini pouches for lipstick and
Lip swab from ›Lady D.‹ (approx. 1950).




"HILDE KNEF" in the lipstick museum


Stage dress by Hildegard Knef
(Designed by Pierre Balmain, Paris, approx. 1975).


Make-up utensils from Hildegard Knef: lipsticks and face powder jars made of cardboard from ›Charles of the Ritz‹
New York as well as artificial band eyelashes for their appearances (70s to 80s).


René Koch makes up Hildegard Knef with ›Charles of the Ritz‹ lipstick for a gala appearance (1979).


VL - The people's lipstick 1952. At last, many women had the opportunity to buy inexpensive lipstick. The price: 1.50 Deutschmarks. The company: RIZ from Cologne. The sleeve: plastic with a simple rotating mechanism. There was also a matching pencil. A sales success. Many well-known actresses were used as advertising faces, such as Hildegard Knef, Hertha Feiler (wife of Heinz Rühmann) or Johanna Matz.




"MARLENE" in the lipstick museum


Judy Winter trying on. The actress Judy Winter played the play ›MARLENE‹ more than 500 times. Now it's over for the time being.


Judy Winter with the Dutch entertainer Robert Kreis. Both belong to the Friends of the Lipstick Museum.




"MARY" in the lipstick museum


As ›Mary & Gordy‹ they brought the perfect travesty show to the stage and the screen; later ›Mary‹ alone as the queen of travesty in her own one-woman shows. Mary has long been a legend of illusion, showing the audience what is possible with fashion, make-up and wigs.



Poster of the F. Prohaska perfumery
from Prague (20s / 30s).



Compact powder compact with matching lipstick jewelery case, hand-painted in a gift box with red velvet cover: enamelled brass by ›Kigu‹, London.
motive: Shepherd scene (ca.1950).




Advertising poster for the Cologne company ›Riz‹,
The Volkslippenstift (1954 with Hildegard Knef).


Advertising poster for the Cologne company ›Riz‹,
The people's lipstick (with Hertha Feiler).




The stage dress and stage coat can still be viewed in the Lipstick Museum on loan from the Renaissance Theater. In addition, lipsticks, powder compacts and perfume atomizers from Judy Winter.
A highlight for fans of divas.




Georg Preuße alias ›Mary‹ did the lipstick museum
a Mary-Outfit, powder compact and lipsticks for
Provided as well as a kiss print
free for the divas gallery.




Promotion dress from England for the introduction of lipsticks with matching nail polish. The synthetic fiber dress is printed with ›Cosmetiques‹, lipsticks and nail polish bottles. Including a red petticoat
(around 1960 in the Selfridges department stores
and Harrods, London in action).

The lipstick museum on tour

›Stylo d'amour‹, the nationwide premiere for the »125 years of lipstick« anniversary in Berlin's Galeries Lafayette, celebrated the tiny figure in a four-week exhibition in March / April 2008. This was the most successful presentation of the luxury department store to date.
›The red seduction‹ was the name of the lipstick exhibition in the city museum “Alte Burg” in Wittenberge / Elbe in March 2009, which attracted visitors from all over Brandenburg.

Wackerbarth Castle in Radebeul showed the exhibition under the title ›Verführung in Rosé‹ in May 2009. For the opening, René Koch made up “Countess Cosel” in rosé, and there was also rosé sparkling wine from the Saxon state winery.
René Koch at the vernissage of the lipstick exhibition in the "Neue Mitte" shopping center in Jena in October 2009.

The lipstick production

The pigments are in the lipstick paint roller
finely connected to the carrier substance (fats).


The heated lipstick mass is poured into the mold, then cooled. Finally, the blank is inserted into the lipstick case.