How many children does Justin Trudeau have

Child and career: Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau takes his son (3) to work

What does a three year old do in the prime minister's office?

All working parents know that it is not easy to get a child and a career under one roof. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now shown how to find time for the family in one of the most stressful and responsible jobs in the world. He simply took his three-year-old son Hadrien with him to the office.

Trudeau posted the photos that were taken on Facebook. "I had company in the office today," he wrote. The day seems to have been a complete success for his son. The pictures show what you can do as a three-year-old in the prime minister's official residence: running over endless marble corridors, playing hide-and-seek with your father, doing gymnastics in a chair at a press conference or basking in the flash of flashlights. Hadrien mastered all these government duties with flying colors at the side of his father.

Justin Trudeau poses as a modern father

Trudeau, who likes to call himself a feminist, made time for the little one despite the busy schedule. Children in the President's office - that's normal for Trudeau. When he was a little boy himself, he probably experienced something similar. Because his father Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada from 1969 to 1984. So Justin grew up with politics too.

The modern father was well received by his Facebook fans. "Prime Minister Trudeau, would you adopt America? Please! Most of us will be good," wrote one user. "It says a lot about a person how they treat their family," said another. Some also suggested that the little one - as comfortable as he feels in the chair of Canada's most powerful man - should one day follow in his father's footsteps.

Trudeau apparently knows exactly how good PR works. He made himself popular worldwide not only with the latest photos. Otherwise, too, he presents himself as the coolest head of government in the world. When US President Donald Trump tried to enforce an entry ban for people from Muslim countries, Trudeau reported on Twitter that refugees were welcome in his country. On May 4th, which fans consider unofficial 'Star Wars' day, the 45-year-old appeared with fan socks from the space saga at a state reception.