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IT service :: VPN

The VPN is a technology that enables a computer to virtually log into a remote network in order to use services of the remote network that are not available externally. It is also possible to integrate a private computer in the department via one of the LAN sockets via VPN's network in order to be able to work with it. The VPN service of the department was discontinued at the beginning of April 2013 due to known security problems of the PPTP protocol and is only available to a small group of users who can provide good reasons for this.As a replacement solution for the VPN, ZEDAT AnyConnect from Cisco has been available since January 2013. Users of mobile devices should prefer to use eduroam.

IT service :: VPN - summary

IT service :: VPN - summary - access

Hostname Connection type Username password Encryption
vpn.fu-berlin.de AnyConnect ZEDAT account nameZEDAT password "high grade"
vpn.mi.fu-berlin.de PPTP ZEDAT account name ... (random string via MI portal *) "high grade"> = 128 bit
* MI portal: https://portal.mi.fu-berlin.de

IT service :: VPN - summary - availability

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IT-Dienst :: VPN - Why VPN

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) of the FU Berlin in the department is used to access
  • internal services of the department of mathematics and computer science,
  • Services outside the department that can only be reached from department IPs,
  • the Internet from the WLAN network "MILAN" or "! FUnkLAN" as well as wired with private computers
The VPN is for the use of the department network and the Internet with your own computers via cable or radio network of the department compulsory).

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