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If you want to become a researcher, you practice early

“That, that, that! Who how what! Why, why, why - if you don't ask, you stay stupid! ”With this“ researcher's song ”, the children of the Caritas day care center in Rastpfuhl opened the“ Festival of Little Researchers ”on Friday, September 28th, 2012. After two years with numerous projects, the daycare center has now officially become the “House of Little Researchers”. Nobody has to stay stupid here, after all, the “House of Little Researchers” foundation, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, only awards this award to those day-care centers in Germany that are particularly committed to promoting early childhood education in the fields of natural sciences and Demonstrate technique and experiment with the children regularly. The aim of the foundation is to awaken the exploratory spirit in the little ones and to playfully inspire them for natural-scientific phenomena.


Why does a ball float and why does a stone go under?


The girls and boys get to the bottom of these and many other questions with great enthusiasm and great fun. They receive help from the pedagogical specialists who, as learning guides, look for answers together with them.


For this commitment, Stephanie Vogel from the local network partner ME Saar - Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry of the Saarland e.V. presented the project teachers Rosi Plein, Gerda Nilsen and Astrid Münzberg with the award "House of Little Researchers" for the Rastpfuhl day care center.


Dagmar Scherer, Director of the Youth and Elderly Welfare Division, also congratulated the daycare center on the award - but above all the girls and boys at the daycare center, because they actually received this plaque for their diligent research.


After the official award ceremony, the boys and girls proved that there are actually many little researchers to be found in the Caritas Rastpfuhl day care center. At many stations, experiments were carried out on the various fields of natural science, with “self-discovery” always in the foreground.