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Duties of a concierge

A very good and discreet concierge service is the figurehead for a luxury hotel. The tasks of concierges vary from guest to guest. They welcome guests and find out about their preferences in advance in order to be able to offer them the best possible service. You enter all your wishes in a book (Cardex) so that regular customers always have a successful stay.

During the stay of the guests to be looked after, they are always available to answer questions, provide information on destinations or on-site activities and present additional hotel services. Concierges can usually be found in the lobby of the hotel and have an overview of arriving guests who want their exclusive care. Here are some of the key roles concierges do:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Organization and booking of excursions
  • Reception activities
  • Research for special inquiries
  • Organization of transport service, luggage service and shopping service
  • Intensive care of VIPs


Skills and qualifications of a concierge

Concierges must show particular sensitivity, courtesy, friendliness and courtesy. The guests should feel completely at ease through the care of the concierges. Since concierges work in international hotels, knowledge of several foreign languages ​​is essential. They have an eye for details and remember the habits and preferences of regulars.

Concierges also have in-depth IT skills and have a driver's license. There should hardly be any inquiries or requests that a concierge cannot meet. In luxury hotels, the high room price is often justified with the exceptionally good concierge service. Below are some key concierge qualifications and skills:

  • Discretion and secrecy
  • attention
  • Friendly and well-groomed demeanor
  • Language and communication skills
  • Experienced in reception work
  • Hotel software knowledge
  • Destination knowledge and contacts
  • Organizational skills


Concierge experience

The position of concierge requires completed professional training in the hospitality industry and work experience in a similar position. Applicants should have experience in guest relations, be well informed about the area around their workplace and, at best, have a knowledge of several foreign languages. Concierges usually work in luxury hotels in the five-star segment. Your superiors are the Front Office Manager and the Room Division Manager. In the hotel hierarchy, bellboys, doormen, house servants, guest service managers, bag handlers and lifters are among the concierges.


Education and training of concierges

The profession of concierge is not a state-recognized training profession. If applicants have no training in the hotel business, extensive work experience in the field of guest relations can also qualify for the position of a concierge. An apprenticeship as a hotel specialist and completed further training measures in the field of tourism, communication and hospitality are the best prerequisites for successfully applying as a concierge. Concierges can move up to managerial positions in hotel management with sufficient professional experience. Further studies in tourism and the hotel industry are also possible.


Salary expectations of concierges

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Job descriptions for similar positions

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