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Do you have a show that has to be in Munich or London tomorrow? Or would you like to have a package picked up in Hamburg or Vienna? Then you've come to the right place. We have the right transport solution for everyone.

DER COURIER is a national and international courier, express and parcel service. Through our partner companies in Germany - Europe - and worldwide, we are also represented in your area.

We transport documents, parcels, packages, bulky goods or pallets for you. Whether you send your goods or your private e-bay sales - we are the right shipping company for you!

With cheap parcel shipping, you have the option of sending car parts, wheels, tires, monitors, computers or laptops at low parcel prices. - And collection from your home or office is also organized. With the forwarding agency we transport freight such as bulky goods, small furniture, household appliances, bumpers and machines. The shipping company will notify you of the pick-up by telephone if you wish.

Express shipments are sent just as reliably within Germany as they are within Europe to the USA, Canada, Asia or South America.

With our shipping calculator you have a quick overview of the transport price! You can place your shipping order immediately via our internet platform.

Our partners include the German parcel service DPD, General Logistics Systems GLS and DHL.

Put your shipping in our hands. You will soon see the advantages of our shipping service over our competitors such as Deutsche Post, TNT, Hermes Shipping Service, Federal express or UPS.

With high shipping volumes, you will receive particularly favorable shipping prices.

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A company from Hamburg needs an express service that transports time-sensitive documents to Berlin. The dispatch employee's attention is drawn to the DER COURIER homepage via the Google search engine. With the shipping calculator, you can easily and conveniently see the shipping price for parcel shipping, express shipping and forwarding. As a new customer, the company's invoice details are briefly entered and the shipping order can be placed. The shipping price is displayed to the customer before the order is placed. The courier service comes to pick up the express shipment in the agreed time window and transports the shipment to its destination in Berlin overnight.

Many pupils and students are planning a stay abroad within Europe. Austria, England, France and Italy are particularly popular. The luggage you need can often only be taken on the plane as excess baggage. As an alternative to shipping, you can use our courier service to send your luggage. The collection of consignments can also be conveniently commissioned from Germany when you are returning from abroad. Since shipping from other European countries to Germany is often very expensive, some parents try to send packages and luggage via a German parcel service. With Der Courier, baggage dispatch can be conveniently commissioned from Germany. The shipping costs are often cheaper when shipping a suitcase.

A car supplier from southern Germany regularly needs a forwarding company that carries out the transport of bulky goods such as pallets with car parts and can also pick up these shipments in a city in northern Germany. More often, a courier is also required to transport packages with production goods to the USA. DER COURIER offers this logistics from a single source.

An online shop from Spain handed over the warehousing to DER COURIER. From the storage of the goods to warehousing, order picking and shipping, the logistics were given into one hand. After the order data has been transmitted to the logistics company DER COURIER, the goods are picked, packed and shipped just in time in the warehouse. The goods can be delivered within Germany the day after the order is placed. In European countries, the package is usually with the customer after 2 working days. Due to the central location of the logistics warehouse within Europe, the routes to the customers can be reached quickly and inexpensively. The central warehouse in which the picking takes place is located in Mönchenglabach near the Netherlands.