How do I train a waitress

Which strength exercises for the waiter?

Dear community

I (f), 15 years old, about 173 tall, 61 kg, have been going to the gym regularly for a few months. I train in split 2, one upper body and one lower body. J

However, there is one small group of muscles that I find untrainable: the abdominal muscles. I've tried a lot of exercises, on the floor and hanging, as well as on machines. With body weight as well as with additional weight.

Now the problem is as follows: Whenever I tense the upper abdominal muscles, I have great pain in my upper back, or rather in the middle of the back. But I don't really lack the strength to do the exercises, I feel like I can do endless repetitions with every abdominal exercise. I only feel my abdominal muscles to a minimum, but this may also be due to the fact that they are drowned out by the pain in my spine. This is not new, I have always known that with abs exercises. It is exactly one point on the spine that hurts so much that I immediately feel that I am turning pale and I almost vomit. But I always pay close attention to the correct execution of strength exercises and I also make sure that I get the strength from the abdominal muscles.

There are exactly two abdominal exercises that practically do not hurt me, but I also do not feel any burning of the abdominal muscles: the lying leg raises and sit-ups on the negative bench. I also manage the sit-ups on the negative bench indefinitely and for longer than 5 minutes. It seems like it has to do with the slope of my back, whether it hurts or not.

Could it be that something is shifted in my spine? I sprained it once (the doctor found it without an X-ray) and when I was little I fell with my back on the edge of a staircase. I then turned pale, but we didn't go to the doctor because my nausea went away.

Thanks in advance for all the answers