What was Michael Jackson's best album

Michael Jackson's most successful albums

Hamburg - Michael Jackson was one of the most popular solo artists in the world. His seven most successful albums alone have sold over 150 million copies worldwide:

"Off The Wall" (1979): Jackson's breakthrough as a solo artist has sold 19 million copies to date. Start of collaboration with producer Quincy Jones.

"Thriller" (1982): The most successful pop album of all time to date was sold over 50 million times over the counter. Spectacular video for the theme song. A catchy tune: "Beat It".

"Bad" (1987): 26 million copies sold; long on number two of the world's best-selling albums. Popular with broadcasters to this day: "Dirty Diana".

"Dangerous" (1991): Record Sales at Release; 28 million copies sold to date. A catchy tune: "Black Or White".

"HIStory" (1995): The double album with 15 new mixes of his greatest hits and 15 new songs, including "They Don't Care Abou Us" and "Earth Song", is considered Jackson's most personal album. Sold 18 million times.

"Blood On The Dance Floor" (1997): The four previously unreleased songs and nine remixes found six million buyers.

"Invincible" (2001): The first studio album with completely new material in ten years, the release has been postponed again and again. Sold eleven million times worldwide. (APA / dpa)