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Master in Management. Management competence on an international level


1 Master in Management Management Competence on an international level

2 WHY ESCP EUROPE New career perspectives: Acquire international management skills at Europe's only transnational business school. ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in Europe. Founded in Paris, it now has around students from over 90 nations at five European locations every year: Paris, London, Berlin , Madrid and Turin. ESCP Europe in Berlin is officially recognized as a scientific university and has been working in Germany since 1973. The academic training of the students takes place in transnational courses and imparts scientific and practical specialist knowledge. From various master’s courses to doctoral and MBA programs to corporate education, ESCP Europe offers a wide range of training and further education opportunities for international students and executives. Leading in research and teaching In addition to the internationality of the course and the high degree of practical orientation, the close connection between research and teaching is one of the central pillars of training at ESCP Europe. The university currently employs around 125 professors from over 20 countries, who are supported in their work by top-class guest lecturers from science and practice. Only 1% of all business schools worldwide are triple accredited (Triple Crown) and ESCP Europe is one of them. In terms of external quality assurance, ESCP Europe is one of the few universities in the world whose programs and research meet the highest international standards. The European Foundation for Management Development (with the distinction EQUIS), the American Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Association of MBAs (AMBA) are recognized worldwide as the most renowned, independent providers for the evaluation of study programs all three have the high quality of research and teaching at ESCP Europe tested and awarded. Top ranking positions In national and international rankings, ESCP Europe is regularly among the front runners. For example, the Master in Management in the current Masters in Management ranking of the Financial Times (09/2013). 2 Status: October 2013 Subject to change.

3 3 Awarded First business school in the world Five university locations in Europe Academic university with 125 professors Students from 90 countries Executives continue their education every year at ESCP Europe Personal and accompanying career service Worldwide network with over alumni in more than 100 countries

4 FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER Internationality and academic excellence with a high degree of practical orientation Anyone who wants to assert oneself in international management must be familiar with current knowledge of business administration and management. Theoretical knowledge alone is not enough, however, only the connection with practice turns this knowledge into applicable experience. Therefore, the combination of theoretically well-founded teaching content and its implementation in business practice plays a decisive role at ESCP Europe. A third focus is on promoting the intercultural competence of the participants, their linguistic versatility and their ability to work in a team. Because only the interplay of usable knowledge and intercultural understanding can international management competence arise. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pape, Academic Director of the Master in Management, ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin With the Master in Management from ESCP Europe, you can look forward to intensive studies with many new impressions, experiences and contacts: Up to three countries, languages ​​and academic traditions will be achieved through this unique program structure You can experience international management and understand interculturality. This intensive examination of different cultures enables you to adapt professionally to other cultural contexts, an essential skill for prospective managers. So that this also happens in the context of professional practice, internships are integrated in up to two other countries. Thanks to these modules alone, you can already refer to at least nine months of international practical experience by the time you graduate. In addition, numerous company workshops, guest lectures and case studies guarantee you a close connection to company practice and an excellent springboard for your career entry. Would you also like to prepare yourself specifically for an internationally oriented career? Then we would be delighted if we could interest you in studying at ESCP Europe on the following pages. Kind regards, Ulrich Pape 4

5 5 DEGREE OBJECTIVES Management competence on an international level The aim of the transnational course is to impart current management competence in theory and practice. The further development of your personality, your linguistic and intercultural skills and your ability to work in a team are also very important. The decisive factor here is project work in small multinational teams in which intercultural cooperation becomes an integral part of daily life. The Master in Management gives you the opportunity to: deepen your understanding of global economic interrelationships, further develop your personal and intercultural skills, successfully put your theoretical knowledge into practice in internships, workshops and case studies.Networks with students, alumni and companies worldwide to educate »You are well equipped for an international career

6 STUDENTS AND TARGET GROUP Who is studying at ESCP Europe? The ESCP Europe Master in Management is aimed at students who are characterized by excellent academic skills as well as high social competence and intercultural curiosity. Applicants must have completed a three-year bachelor's degree, preferably with a focus on economics (at least 180 ECTS credits). The course is also offered in a variant for graduates from other disciplines. At the beginning of the course, the university also requires sufficient knowledge of the national languages ​​of the campus chosen in the first year of study. This ensures that the participants actively participate in the program from the start and can exchange ideas with one another. Knowledge of the French language is also recommended. Where do the students at ESCP Europe come from? 53% are French, 47% come from all over the world: Middle East 4% North Africa 17% South America 4% North America 6% Asia and Australia 20% Europe (except France) 49% Other European countries 25% Poland 8% Italy 21% Germany 27% Great Britain and Ireland 6% Spain 4% The profile of our graduates 16 months of work experience 45% start their career outside their home country 25 years old Average starting salary 38% graduate with a double or triple degree 6

7 International 7

8 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Decide on the structure and course of your studies The structure of the Master in Management (MIM) is divided into two academic years. These each comprise two academic semesters and a three-month practical phase. A key feature of the Master in Management at ESCP Europe is the opportunity to complete an integrated, trinational degree. This means that the course takes place in up to three countries and languages ​​at the university's own locations in Europe, a structure that enables you to achieve a high degree of internationality in the shortest possible time: you can classify all the services you provide on the various campuses into the 120 Bring in ECTS. This is how you study internationally and efficiently. Anyone who has already dealt with so-called learning agreements and other challenges of conventional semesters abroad will certainly appreciate this. Stays outside the ESCP Europe countries or outside Europe are possible, for example, as part of internships. Course structure at a glance 120 ECTS The Master in Management comprises a total of 120 ECTS points, which are acquired over the course of two years of study. The students set focal points totaling 78 points (1 major, 8 electives, 1 master's thesis, foreign language courses) and thereby develop a clear profile. In connection with the internships completed at ESCP Europe, students can clearly position themselves for their future employers. 8th

9 9 DEGREE OFFERS AND DEGREES BY CAMPUS Up to three countries and degrees In the Master's in Management, all campuses are generally open to students. Restrictions only arise due to different offers at the individual locations and as a result of targeted deals. The following overview shows at which location you can study in which semester in which language. Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 BERLIN EN EN DE DE LONDON EN EN EN EN MADRID ES / EN ES / EN EN EN PARIS FR / EN FR / EN FR / EN FR / EN Legend: DE: German EN: English ES: Spanish FR: French Successful graduates finish their studies with the French Diplôme de Grande École. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, this requires at least one semester in Paris, the successful completion of French courses and a total of 39 weeks of practical experience and thus forms the basic prerequisite for obtaining further degrees.

10 DEGREE PROGRAM Discover up to three countries and cultures The Master in Management offers a variety of bi- and trinational courses. There are currently different variants in which students can study in up to three countries and acquire up to three degrees at Master’s level. You will find examples of possible courses on the right. Students who decide early on for courses with multiple degrees at the university's own locations have priority in the allocation of study places at the different locations, provided they meet the language requirements. This enables the students a high degree of planning security with a maximum internationality of the program. Up and coming 10

11 11 3 degrees 3 countries MSc City University (GB) + Master Grande Ecole (FR) + Master of Science (M.Sc.) (GER) Master Europeo en Administracion y Direccion de Empresas (ESP) + Master Grande Ecole (FR) + Master of Science (M.Sc.) (GER) LON + PAR + BER MAD + PAR + BER - at least 1 semester in London in M1, 1 semester in Paris and 1 semester in Berlin - studies in the respective national language - at least 60 ECTS in Economics, Business or Management in the Bachelor's degree - Specific previous knowledge in Business Administration / Management required (9 pre requisite courses³) - No partner university possible - 2 semesters in Madrid, 1 semester in Paris and 1 semester in Berlin - no language restrictions - at least 60 ECTS in Bachelor's degree in Economics, Business or Management - an internship of at least three months in Spain / Latin America - no partner university possible 2 degrees 2 3 countries Master Grande Ecole (FR) + MSc City University (GB) Master Grande Ecole (FR) + Master of Science (M .Sc. Degree Pa partner university) a) PAR + ESCP + ESCP b) PAR + ESCP + partner c) PAR + partner a) 3 ESCP Europe Campus b) 2 ESCP Europe Campus + partner university c) Paris + partner university - at least 1 semester Paris - no language restrictions - Possibility of additionally obtaining a degree from a partner university 2 Legend: FR = France; GER = Germany; GB = Great Britain; ESP = Spain; LON = London; PAR = Paris; BER = Berlin; MAD = Madrid; ESCP = any other ESCP Europe Campus from the four locations LON, PAR, MAD, BER; Partner = partner university; M1 stands for the first master's year (semesters 1 and 2) and M2 for the second master's year (semesters 3 and 4). 1 semester at a partner university is only possible in the second year of study. 2 During a semester at a partner university, the MSc City University (GB) and the German Master of Science (GER) cannot be achieved. 3 pre requisite courses: Accounting (bookkeeping), Costs and Decisions (cost accounting), Statistics (statistics), ITS (Information Tools and Skills), Corporate Law (commercial and company law), Marketing, Psychology and Management (organization, personnel management ), Economics, Finance (financing).

12 STUDY PLAN AND TEACHING EVENTS BY CAMPUS Your tailor-made curriculum Put together your studies according to your wishes based on the curriculum. Semester 1: September December Semester 2: January April ALL CITIES Integration seminar 1 0.5 ECTS Integration seminar 2 0.5 ECTS 6 compulsory courses 30 ECTS 1 compulsory course: Advanced Economics 5 ECTS 2 language courses 1 ECTS 2 language courses 1 ECTS 31.5 ECTS 4 electives 20 ECTS 26.5 ECTS BERLIN 4 electives from the areas *: Sustainable Management International Management PARIS LONDON The 6 compulsory courses are identical at all locations: Corporate Finance Operations Management Management Control Organization and Management Business Law II Human Resources Management 4 electives from *: 140 courses from all central areas of management eg: finance, strategy, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, management control etc. 4 electives from the areas *: Marketing Finance practical phase May July MADRID 4 electives eg from the areas *: Marketing Finance 12

13 13 Semester 3: September December Semester 4: January April Integration seminar 3 0.5 ECTS Integration seminar 4 0.5 ECTS 1 compulsory course: Strategy 5 ECTS Master's thesis 16 ECTS 5 electives / 1 major 25 ECTS 3 electives / 1 major 15 ECTS 30.5 ECTS 31.5 ECTS 5 electives from *: approx. 15 courses from all central areas of management 3 electives eg from the field *: International Management One from 20 majors or 5 electives from *: 140 courses from all central areas of management eg: Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Management Control, etc. Major in Creativity Marketing Strategy One from 20 majors or 3 electives from *: 140 courses from all central areas of management e.g. Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Management Control etc. Major in Business Consulting Major in Creativity Marketing Management Practical phase May July Major in Marketing and Communication or Major in International Project Management Major in Entrepreneurship / Societal Entrepreneurship or 3 electives from the fields *: Marketing and Communication International Project Management * The range of courses is continuously being developed and expanded. A major consists of at least 20 ECTS credits, but this amount can vary depending on the course taken.

14 YOUR CAREER IS IMPORTANT TO US High practical orientation and an individual and accompanying career service A degree is only as good as the opportunities it opens up. All programs of ESCP Europe are based on this claim. That is why the Master in Management is consistently geared towards providing its graduates with a particularly promising starting position for the first and all other fields of activity. Close contacts to business offer a variety of opportunities to get in touch with potential employers. For example, top-class speakers from professional practice regularly enrich the courses with their guest lectures. Internships as a career start During the compulsory internships, most program participants work as integrated members of their teams in the respective companies. The latter oblige the students of the university because they quickly familiarize themselves with new projects and contexts and can thus add value to the company right from the start. Career Service The employees of the Career Service help program participants to find internships and support the application process and career planning. In one-on-one interviews, small groups and workshops, individual strengths and weaknesses of the participants are analyzed, application strategies are developed and behavior for job interviews and assessment centers is trained. The offer of the Career Service is supplemented by individual discussion of application documents, personal advice and career coaching. Among other things, we offer you: Career information events Workshop on strengths and weaknesses analysis Individual advice on the right application strategy and career planning Preparation for interviews Intensive career training Individual career coaching (including CV check) Workshops and seminars with top international employers Internship placement 14

15 15 Recruiting Days Thanks to its intensive practical contacts, ESCP Europe regularly organizes exclusive recruiting events at all locations. Leading companies from different industries have the opportunity to present themselves on campus. You can get to know students who are interested in an internship or a career start in person. At the Berlin location alone, 40 international consulting firms, banks as well as industrial and service companies are represented each year and conduct initial interviews here. In addition, with Linking Talents Germany on the Berlin campus, we offer a cross-campus career network that, among other things, includes: focused on career opportunities in Germany. Excellent prospects ESCP Europe enables its students a seamless transition from university to positions with high starting salaries. According to an internal survey, Masters in Management graduates are among the absolute top earners. Our graduates earn more than a year on average in their first job.Around 15 percent of ESCP Europe graduates start their careers with a salary of over on international terrain.

16 "German by birth, English by country of adoption and French at heart. My life is a reflection of ESCP Europe. " Sonja Schemmann (2001), Fund Manager Global Equities, Schroder Investment Management Ltd. 16

17 17 WHAT DOES THE MASTER BRING INTO MANAGEMENT? Students and alumni report The ESCP MIM pushed me to continuously get out of my comfort zone: studying, working and falling in love in the most exciting European capitals enriched my experiences and multiplied exponentially my opportunities! Sharing this path with people with multifaceted background, allowed me to discover new interests, cultivate new passions and set higher goals. Success is definitely what I always aim at, but what I really owe to the ESCP is providing me with the unconditioned sense of self-accomplishment, arising from the continuous willingness to challenge myself and dare! As a result, I developed a unique mindset that helps me manage at best uncertainty and take decisions: both in professional and personal situations. Isn t it what managers should do be good at? There are universities, there are business schools and then there is ESCP Europe! Pietro Maggio, student in the 2nd year of master's degree, course of studies: Turin-Berlin-Paris Personally, I was looking for an international master’s program that combines academic, practical and cultural experience in different countries and brings together interesting people from all over the world. This is exactly what ESCP Europe offers. Another plus point is the opportunity to study in three of the most exciting metropolises in Europe within two years, to further develop your linguistic and intercultural skills and to receive a recognized diploma for the relevant job market. A top level European educational journey that knows no borders and inspires your career in every respect. Florian Küster, Alumnus, Course of Study: London-Paris-Berlin Even those who see their future in Germany can benefit enormously from a truly European degree in three countries, languages ​​and cultures, because almost everywhere in business today, interdisciplinary work is done. Even within a company in Kassel or Munich, extremely different cultures collide and rub against each other. Anyone who has learned to implement study projects as a diplomatic moderator with French and Italians can also skillfully mediate between engineers and marketing people or between copywriters and sales. Dr. Martin Oetting, alumnus, partner and head of research at trnd AG, course of study: Paris-Oxford-Berlin

18 TEACHING FEES, FINANCING AND LIVING EXPENSES An investment in your career As a private, state-recognized business school with university rank, ESCP Europe charges tuition fees. In the 2013/2014 academic year these are: per academic year (EU) per academic year (non-EU) 700 GAP-Year 170 application fees Studying at ESCP Europe is an investment in your future that is worthwhile, as the career prospects and starting salaries of our graduates show. Various sources are available to finance this unique degree program: ESCP Europe scholarships: 25-50% tuition fee reduction according to social criteria for the first year of the master’s degree (only for EMAT applicants). BAföG: Studies at ESCP Europe are eligible for funding. A tuition fee allowance of up to can also be granted for studying abroad. Student loans: Usually the banks also grant loans for studying at ESCP Europe to finance the tuition fees. Tax loss carryforward: Due to the further qualification character of the Master in Management, the tuition fees and other costs for this course can be claimed as training or further education costs. The possible savings are very much linked to your personal situation, which is why we recommend an appointment with a tax advisor. Internships: Internships can also make an important contribution to financing. External scholarships: Numerous other scholarship providers also support studies at ESCP Europe. You can find an overview of possible sponsors e.g. for e-fellows under housing allowance: The CAF (Caisse d Allocation Familiale) grants a housing allowance for studying on the Paris campus. Mobility allowance: Program participants in the London-Paris-Berlin course (trilingual) currently receive a monthly mobility allowance of up to 250 for the time abroad (revalidation in progress) due to the cooperation between ESCP Europe and the Franco-German University. 18th

19 19 Worth striving for The monthly cost of living in the individual cities varies greatly. The following table should give you a first impression. in EUR PARIS LONDON MADRID BERLIN Accommodation Meals Transport Leisure Other Total

20 APPLICATION AND ADMISSION The selection process The selection process in Berlin takes place on several dates. The right-hand (application) deadlines apply for the start of studies next September. Through a competitive selection process (European Master Admission Test, EMAT), the university obtains the most comprehensive possible picture of the personality, motivation and skills of each applicant. The entrance test consists of a logical and a linguistic part as well as individual and group interviews. Since the university's own procedure guarantees the quality of the students, proof of international tests (e.g. GMAT) is not required. All applicants will be examined in a foreign language (English if not their mother tongue; otherwise another of the five ESCP Europe languages). If you do not want to study in English in the first year, the necessary language skills (expected level: B2) must also be proven. This can be done using standardized language tests or by taking part in additional language tests as part of the EMAT. The selection process (also concours) is carried out according to plan in the language of the bachelor's degree. In Berlin the Concours is offered in German and English. To take part in the selection process in Germany, please send your application to the Berlin campus. Please note: the choice of the test center is independent of the desired study location. For example, you can take the entrance test in Berlin and start studying in London, Madrid or Paris. Weighting of the individual components of the Concours EMAT (entrance test): Background evaluation (preselection): 10% Data and language logic PC test: 35% Individual interview: 35% Group interview: 10% 1st foreign language (written and oral): 10% 100 % 20

21 21 Exquisite DEADLINES: APPLY EARLY! The ESCP Europe admission test is very selective. An early application increases your chances of qualifying for one of the places and also ensures that if you are successful, you will still have the greatest possible selection of courses.

22 YOUR CHECKLIST Are you ready for an international study experience? The application for the two-year study program comprises: Completed application form (in the language of study) Short letter of motivation (recommended) Tabular curriculum vitae Complete high school diploma including grade Bachelor certificate (including grade overview) Proof of transfer of the application fee (170) * Certificates and confirmations of internships Language certificates (if available) Proof of knowledge of the English language (if not checked in the course of the Concours) Two passport photos (please stick one on the application form and attach a second) Copy of identity card or passport * As of September 2013 NOTE: If you do not have your Bachelor's degree at the time of application please enclose evidence of your previous achievements (certified transcript). The Bachelor's certificate must then be submitted by November 1st of the same year at the latest. 22nd

23 23 YOUR CONTACT Ready For further information and to arrange an individual consultation, please contact: ESCP Europe Business School Berlin Sophia Oberhuber Program Manager Heubnerweg 8-10, Berlin, Germany T: +49 (0) F: +49 ( 0)

24 PARIS 79, avenue de la République Paris Cedex 11 France P: F: BERLIN Heubnerweg Berlin Germany P: F: TORINO Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 to Torino Italia P: F: LONDON 527 Finchley Road, Hampstead London NW3 7BG United Kingdom P: F: MADRID Arroyofresno Madrid España P: F: Only 1% of all Business Schools worldwide are triple-accredited. ESCP Europe is one of them. ESCP Europe supports sustainable development