Is love the ultimate form of intelligence

Sapiosexual - When intelligence is more attractive than looks

Have you never heard of the term sapiosexual?
If you Intelligence particularly attractive and appearance, age or status symbols are rather irrelevant to you when choosing a partner, then you may have come closer to the term sapiosexual than you thought.
And what does it mean now exactly? We explain everything you need to know about the term sapiosexuality, to have helpful tips for finding a partner, as the ultimate self-test.

What does sapiosexual mean?

"... It's the inner values ​​that count!" People who describe themselves as sapiosexual really take this saying to heart.
Because who is sapiosexual, that finds intelligence particularly attractive.
Foreign words, an eloquent language of expression and profound conversations leave them the knees go weak.

On the other hand, there is little you can do with looks like a well-trained body, a full bank account or a fast sports car.
The term derives from the Latin verb saperefrom what translates as much as knowledge and think means.

That there are women and men who are into intelligence is of course nothing new. But The term is becoming increasingly popular, especially in online dating.

Many singles, especially women, have the note "sapiosexual" in their online dating profile. The question remains whether they can really do something with the term or whether it can just a crude stitch that should give the impression: "Appearance is not everything for me".

Gay, bisexual or sapiosexual?
Be carefulif you use these three terms in the same breath, because there is a clear difference here: Sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation.
While hetero, homo, bi and so on define which gender you prefer when choosing a partner, sapiosexuality simply states, what special interest or preferences You have at choice of your partner.
So you can be heterosexual or homosexual and at the same time call yourself sapiosexual.

What makes intelligence so attractive?

Of course it is clear: Hardly anyone finds stupidity really attractive.
But why exactly, is intelligence particularly attractive to many people?
As is so often the case, the answer lies in our genes.
Four American researchers found in extensive studies that it a relationship between human IQ and semen quality gives.
So the attraction of intelligent people is evolutionary. A smart partner means for the woman promising reproductive potentialbecause he wears Resources for healthy and vital offspring in itself.
From the point of view of evolutionary theory, as a sapiosxual woman, you are doing everything right.

The image of society is crucial

Especially interesting: The trend towards sapiosexuality is closely related to the prevailing gender roles of a society.
In companies with more traditional role models Appearance and wealth are the dominant criteria when choosing a partner.
In a society, however, prevails equality between men and women, then appearance and financial prosperity take a back seat and more often Inner values, such as intelligence, are becoming more important.
Of course, this only applies to the average for an entire country. As always, exceptions confirm the rule.

People of the same kind stick together

"Opposites attract!" This may apply to many other situations, but the opposite is more the case when it comes to sapiosexuality.
If one partner is significantly smarter than the other, this quickly leads to mutual disappointment. Often times both partners then have there is hardly any common interest and discussions at eye level are difficult.
The good old saying "people of the same kind stick together" is quite appropriate in this case.

Are you sapiosexual? The 10 question self-test

Intelligence has always been a decisive criterion for you when choosing a partner and now introduce yourselfthe question of whether you are sapiosexual? Find out with our self-test:

  • People all day only busy with your appearance are you can find unattractive.
  • For you it is a no-go if he / she is chatting all the time Spelling and grammatical errors makes.
  • SuperficialSmall talk find you exhausting.
  • The Look Your flirt partner is for you incidental.
  • In in-depth conversationsyou can really rise.
  • You will find it attractivewhen your counterpart to express oneself chosen can.
  • Intimacies are important to you, but are not your top priority.
  • With someone entertained eloquently Being able to do so is a decisive factor for you when choosing a partner.
  • Intelligent humor andsarcasm find you attractive.
  • You see through your counterpart usually very quickly and can assess people very well.

They have answered at least 7 of these 10 questions with yes?Then there is a lot to suggest that you are sapiosexual. We'll tell you in the next section 6 tipsthat makes it easier for you to find a like-minded person.

6 tips for finding a partner

While many singles perceive anonymity as a disadvantage in online dating, Sapios often prefer this way of getting to know each other.
Because, the writing of messages and the conversations are in the foreground for them anyway.
How the person looks in real life is of secondary importance.
Yes, whether online or in real life: When flirting with a sapiosexual there is some subtleties to keep in mind.
The most important tips we have summarized for you:

1. First contact - avoid clumsy, standard cover letters

You have come across a profile online that you like and now want Take the first step and write to the person? Then you should clumsy standard cover letter Avoid such as “Hey you”, “Well, how are you” or “Hi sweetie” in any case. To make a great first impression on a Sapio, you need to be give a little more effort.

2. Make an effort to write

If you have completed the first cover letter, you should definitely not let up and Avoid monosyllabic answers or incomplete sentences. Make an effort to write. This applies to both the wording and the content of your messages. With an adequate way of expression you can score as well as with good specialist knowledge of current or scientific topics.

3. Be careful with your choice of compliments

For sapiosexuals, good looks are less important. That's why you can do it with you too with compliments like "You are really beautiful" or "I noticed your appearance in a positive way" rather not score.
Rather say something nice about his / her writing style or admire the way the other person knows how to express himself / herself.

4. The attention to detail

Do not worry: You don't have to be an omniscient Albert Einstein to convince a sapiosexual. In particular, profound knowledge in a rather untypical area is attractive to many. Find a topic on which you are a real expert and you will see: a detailed lecture on the manufacture of toothpaste can impress you more than you think.

5. Pay special attention to grammar and spelling

Regardless of whether you are chatting on the online dating platform, by email or even just with a short text message. Spelling and grammar must definitely be right when communicating.
Therefore, it is better to read your text carefully a second or third time before you press send.

6. The First Meeting - The choice of location is crucial

Have you convinced a sapiosexual person online and now he wants to meet you in person? Yay! The first step is done!
So that you can also convince in the second step, It is best to choose a quiet place for your first date. In a noisy, crowded restaurant, there is little opportunity for in-depth conversation. A walk in the park, a picnic in the countryside or an extensive breakfast in a small café are more suitable.

Bottom line: a helpful dating trend

In times of online dating, many people use the term sapiosexual primarily to differentiate themselves.
You are expressing: "Singles with a low IQ don't even need to write to me! "
How things stand for their own IQ, however, remains uncertain.
That is why our advice is: Don't take the term sapiosexual too seriously and leave it with exactly what it is: A very helpful dating trend.

Because he will certainly help one or the other to find the dream partner in the huge range of singles. And that's at the end of the day exactly what matters.