What is it like to visit Disneyland

Tips for a trip to Disneyland Paris

Visit one of the happiest places in the world! If you have a beautiful Family outing with children plan, then travel to Disneyland Paris. Regardless of whether you prefer the classic characters like Mickey and Minnie or newer ones like Elsa and Ana from Frozen, you can be a child again at Disneyland Paris. Today we are giving you some tips, information and recommendations for your trip to one of the most beautiful amusement parks for children.

Organize your trip to Disneyland Paris

How often in life do you travel to Disneyland Paris? Just! Therefore, you should plan your trip carefully in advance in order to be able to enjoy the time to the fullest.

With children at Disneyland - the best age

Many parents choose to go to Disneyland Paris when their children are very young (between 2 and 3 years old). In the Disneyland Baby area there are also some attractions for the little ones. However, you must be aware that most of the park attractions cannot be used by the children because they are simply too small.

Although Disneyland has areas for children of all ages, we recommend that you take children between 4 and 8 years of age to Disneyland. At this age you already know all the Disney characters and, even when you are older, you can remember the magical atmosphere and exciting attractions for children.
To be honest, it doesn't matter how old you are on a trip to Disneyland, because everyone, even adults, is happy to see their favorite Disney characters.

The best travel time

The rush of visitors is greatest in the summer months, so the waiting times in front of the respective park attractions are correspondingly longer. If you can, you should be in the Off season to Disneyland Paris drive. The official website recommends arriving on the weekdays between January and May. Even if there is less going on in the park, you can enjoy more shows and events.

Those who have already been to the park advise arriving between September and December to avoid the crowds. A visit at Christmas time is also ideal. Thanks to a beautifully decorated backdrop, lights and Christmas decorations as well as seasonal shows, the Christmas spirit is guaranteed to arise at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland tickets

Would you like to travel to Disneyland Paris, but you don't know exactly when? The park offers you the opportunity to buy so-called standard tickets, which are valid for one year and can be used at any time during this period.

You can buy tickets for 1 to 5 days. No matter how many days you are planning a trip, Disneyland Paris has a variety of options. Note that the tickets can have different periods of validity. To better illustrate:

• Mini entry. Book the tickets online in advance; € 47 for adults and € 40 for children between 3 and 11 years of age.
• Entry magic. 59 € for adults, 52 for children.
• Super Magic entry. € 69 for adults and € 62 for children.
• Magic Flex entry. These tickets are valid all year round and cost € 75 for adults and € 67 for children.
You can then see the validity dates of all ticket and admission prices in 2017:

These are the official prices. However, if you have a little time and do some research, you can also find tickets at a lower price.

Park attractions at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Park is divided into four themed areas: Adventure land, Discoverycountry, Fantasyland and Frontierland. The Fantasyland is the area for the little ones, with classic Disney attractions, such as the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, or a themed room dedicated to Alice in Wonderland.

The brave among you will feel at home in Adventure Land. Exciting attractions such as the Indiana Jones roller coaster or an adventure ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean amusement ride.
Do you love the Wild West and hilarious western shows? Then you have come to the right place in Frontierland. You can find famous attractions like this here Phantom Manor house or the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster.
The most popular roller coaster at Disneyland is Space Mountain, which can be found in the Discovery Land themed area.

On the other hand, that's that Disney Villagewhere you can find plenty of shopping and dining. The one is right next door Walt Disney Studios Parkwhich is seen as a park in its own right. Therefore you also need a different ticket. At the entrance you can buy a ticket for both parks. The most beautiful scenes of the best disney movies and their story to be discovered by you.

Shows at Disneyland

What would Disneyland be without its magical and spectacular shows and parades? Usually the most popular Disney characters take part. Families with children get their money's worth here. It is best to find out which events are planned a week before you visit the park.

Disneyland map

You can also find an interactive map on the official Disneyland website. You can also download the Disneyland map as a PDF.

Directions to Disneyland

If you have a traveling to Paris with children, then a visit to Disneyland is simply part of it. The park is around 35 minutes from the center. Regardless of whether you arrive by car, train or plane from Germany, Disneyland is very easy to reach. Shuttle buses run regularly from the city center and reach the park within an hour.

Arriving by train: You can take the ICE, TGV or Thalys and travel comfortably to the center of Paris.
Arriving by car: It is only 5 hours by car from Frankfurt to France.
Arriving by plane: Of course, you can also land directly in Paris. The drive to Disneyland then takes around an hour.

Tips for traveling to Disneyland Paris

(1). Find out about specials and book in advance. You can often find deals for 3 or 4 nights at Disneyland Paris that can sell out in no time.
(2). If you want to save a lot of money on your accommodation, we recommend that you stay away from a resort. You usually have to spend a small fortune to do this. Staying in a Apartment in Pariswhich is near the park is much cheaper.
(3). As you can imagine, eating and drinking at Disneyland is very (very) expensive. Theoretically, you are not allowed to take anything to eat in the park, but some snacks and drinks for when you are hungry are perfectly fine.
(4). It happened faster than you thought and you've already spent a small fortune on all those beautiful Disney souvenirs. You wouldn't be the first to let yourself be carried away by one of the boutiques and shops and make a purchase. Of course, it's perfectly fine to take a souvenir with you, but don't turn your head off while doing so.
(5). If you choose to do that Disneyland during high season to visit, you have to expect long queues in front of the respective park attractions. We recommend that you be one of the first to visit the main attractions in the early morning or late afternoon, because then there are usually fewer people in line.
(6). If you are traveling with children, you can borrow a stroller from the park.
(7). Why not take a costume and dress up for your children?
(8th). Treat yourself to a break in the evening, recharge your batteries before watching one of the nightly spectacles. It is worth it!

Have you ever been to Disneyland with the family? How did you like the experience?