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Bill and Tom Kaulitz “Tokio Hotel” stars turn 30: from a small village to Heidi Klum

Manga emo hairstyle, dreadlocks and screaming fans: that's how they started Kaulitz twins Bill and Tom as a teenager with the band Tokio Hotel. The brothers will turn 30 on Sunday (September 1st) - and a lot will turn around for them Heidi Klum.

With the hit “Durch den Monsun” and the album “Schrei” the two became well known, in 2005 that was. A small town near Magdeburg, the village Loitsche, was in a state of emergency at that time, as today's mayor Barbara Roggisch reports. Fans called phone numbers with the area code on suspicion and asked where the twins lived. “It was quite a pilgrimage. That was extreme at the time. "

Kaulitz twins caused a crowd of fans in the village

Hundreds of fans immortalized themselves a good ten years ago at a bus shelter in Loitsche, which was near the right in front of the twins' house. The house became a place of pilgrimage with graffiti, pictures and texts. But it was destroyed by rioters. The remains were auctioned at low profit in 2008. The award of the teen band with the MTV video music award as the best young band of the year did not drive the prices up.

Mayor Roggisch knows the Kaulitz twins from their childhood. Bill and Tom moved to Loitsche as primary school students. They went to school together with Barbara Roggisch's son. “The city came to the village,” is how the mayor describes her impression of the time. While the boys in Loitsche would have played “in the dirt”, the Kaulitz twins would have dressed differently, “crazier”. And they tended to keep to themselves - “just twins,” says Roggisch. "The two did their thing."

And, are there birthday greetings from Loitsche? "Nope," says the mayor curtly. "Actually, there is no longer any contact."

Bill and Tom move to Los Angeles

That may also be due to the distance. In 2010 the Kaulitz twins left for the USA - and took a break from the pressure of the record company and the fans. "First we wanted to get our private life on the line," said Bill in 2014 when she released her album "Kings of Suburbia" in an interview with the German press agency.

It was the first Tokio Hotel album recorded in English only, moving away from rock-punk roots to catchy electro-pop. Her fifth studio album “Dream Machine” was also released in 2017 entirely in English. Only in the song “Boy don't cry” was a German word: “dance”.

This year, Bill and Tom are constantly in the headlines. Less because of the new singles “Melancholic Paradise” and “When It Rains It Pours” and not so much because of the European tour from April to the end of June. Shortly before their 30th birthday, the Californians by choice Bill and Tom Kaulitz rocked in the Tokio Hotel Summer Camp on the Ferropolis festival site near Graefenhainichen. That is just 100 kilometers from her home town of Loitsche. “Back here”, promised frontman Bill, guitarist Tom, drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing their fans on Instagram.

Heidi Klum and wedding on Capri

But in the end everything revolves around the “Klumlitz” wedding. For months, fans and the press speculated when and where model and television presenter Heidi Klum would marry her 16-year-old fiancé Tom. At the beginning of August, the Italian celebrity island of Capri was the venue for the much acclaimed "Wedding Party of the Year". He performed the wedding of his twin brother and his "beautiful wife". "I couldn't be happier," wrote Bill on Instagram about a photo of the wedding couple, all in white, on the flower-decked deck of the luxury yacht "Christina O". Tom revealed in February on Markus Lanz's ZDF program, when he met designer Michael Michalsky at a birthday party at the beginning of 2018.

Supermodel Klum is in her early 30s and married to singer Seal when the Tokio Hotel twins are just getting started as teenage stars. It is the year 2005 when the guys from Magdeburg triggered a real hysteria with their mega hit "Durch den Monsun". Their debut album "Schrei" and other albums made them one of the most commercially successful German bands. The musicians could hardly go to school because of their success and were followed by fans and photographers every step of the way.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz: Magdeburg in the heart

Even today, the Kaulitz twins still carry Magdeburg with them: not least in their fashion label with the name “Magdeburg - Los Angeles 1989”. Some of the jackets, hoodies, shirts and accessories celebrate the Tokio Hotel band with slogans such as “I'm a Tokio Hotel Fan”, simply have a heart with the words “Bill” on them or they are optically based on the 1990s.

Will they celebrate their 30th birthday together in their home country? The musicians' management did not respond to a request from the German Press Agency. However, they repeatedly emphasize their close ties as twin brothers. At the end of July, there was a black and white baby photo with the comment “@tomkaulitz” including a red heart on Bill Kaulitz's Instagram account. From under a blanket the two shine with wide eyes and open mouths.

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