Why don't I like heavy metal music

Animals respond to musicWhiter Shark loves Heavy Metal

When cows listen to classical music, they give more milk. Dogs and cats can also be comforted by classical music. It's different with heavy metal: some animals love it, others get serious problems.

Ladybugs can't do anything with heavy metal. They even lose their appetite when they hear this guitar music. This is what US biologists at Mississippi State University found out. When ladybugs listen to AC / DC for 18 hours, they then eat almost half as few aphids than their conspecifics who have not listened to music.

Loss of Libido from Electronic Music

Scientists from Thailand put yellow fever mosquitoes and a hamster in a cage in the laboratory. The females immediately pounced on the hamster and then had sex with the males.

However, when the mosquitoes hear the song "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex, it takes a lot longer for the females to be interested in the hamster. They also have around five times less sex when exposed to this song.

Great White Shark likes AC / DC

Eight years ago diver Matt Weller played AC / DC music for white sharks. They especially like "Shook Me All Not Long" and "Back in Black". It even went so far that the sharks rubbed their snouts ecstatically on the underwater speakers as soon as AC / DC echoed through the ocean.

"Of all things, the sharks became much calmer and lost their aggressiveness when they were played music by the Australian band AC / DC over underwater loudspeakers."
Mario Ludwig, Deutschlandfunk Nova reporter

Great white sharks even prefer death metal. Documentary filmmakers on the Discovery Channel played the dark music through an underwater speaker to attract the animals. The great white shark reacts strongly to this through its lateral line organ. With this, the shark can register and locate vibrations underwater very precisely in order to catch prey.

The low frequencies of Death Metal are very similar to the vibrations of a prey fish fighting death. The predators seem to equate death metal music with easy prey. Although that's just a theory at first, says Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Mario Ludwig.

Birds love classic music - except for finches and sparrows

The American artist Elizabeth Demaray has sonicated several feeding places for birds with different genres. Most bird species stayed the longest with pieces by the composer Claude Debussy. Only the finches and sparrows have been feeding at Metallica the longest. Why this is so has not been researched.