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The Blacklist: Who Really Is Raymond Reddington? The most important notes from 8 seasons

Warning, spoilers until The Blacklist season 7: We can currently stream the first episodes of season 8 of The Blacklist in English in this country, but the most important question and the biggest secret the series is still open even in the 8th season: Who is Raymond Reddington really?

In the previous 157 episodes there were always clues that formed into exciting and crazy theories. We give you an up-to-date overview.

The Blacklist: The key clues about Reddington's identity from Seasons 1 to 8

The ingeniously played by James Spader Red knows how he is always clever of himself distracts. His announcement never to lie, which he has so far always kept, at least apparently, does not make the matter more transparent. Some blacklist fans now feel that they are being held back.

With the question of his identity there is one thing another important question accompanying: Why is Liz so important to Reddington? All of this will probably dissolve when we can finally put the clues together to form an overall picture.

The blacklist tip # 1: Red has assumed the identity of the "real Red"

Season 6 reveals that Raymond Reddington the father of Liz is. However, the Red we met in season 1 of The Blacklist is not this Reddington. He only assumed the identity of the "real Red" several decades ago. In 1990 the real Red disappeared and in 1994 the one reappeared "Intruder" on, as the new Red is often called.

It can therefore be concluded that Reddington's fate is linked in some form to Liz's biological father. Especially since he also knows about Liz's life before the death of the real Red, for example that she is her father Shot at the age of four when he got violent against her mother Katarina Rostova.

The real Red was an intelligence officer in the United States Navy, the real Katarina was a KGB agent who was put on him.

The blacklist tip # 2: Red has Russian roots

Towards the end of season 6, Liz's grandfather Dom led us on the wrong track that Reddington Ilya Koslov is. In truth, Ilya Koslov is Red's best friend and also an old friend and lover of Katarina. He appears in The Blacklist at the end of season 6.
Katarina Rostova and Ilya Koslov at a young age

Not least because of him previous Russian friendships we can conclude that Reddington comes from a partly Russian family or environment. For example, he wanted a well-known meal as his hangman's meal russian dishthat his mother always cooked for him, as Cinemablend notes.

However, Red seems to have grown up in the USA, at least he told Liz that he spent part of his youth in Michigan.

The Blacklist Clue # 3: Red's Biggest Weakness is Elizabeth Keen

Reddington's identity must be inextricably linked to his love for Liz. Even if James Spaders' Red neither the biological father nor the foster father from Elizabeth Keen, he would do anything for her. Nobody, not even Dembe (!), Means as much to Red as Liz and to solve this riddle we must surely crack his true identity.

The sparse facts and especially Red's love for Liz already led to the wildest theories. In addition to the persistent but refuted blacklist theory that Red Liz's father three theories stand out in particular:

  • Red is Liz's mother Katarina
  • Red is the real Reddington
  • Red is a never mentioned twin brother and thus Liz's uncle

Many fans love the theory that Red is in truth Katarina Rostova and thus the mother of Liz and is either a trans man or pretends to be a man for reasons of deception.

The exciting thing is that this theory seems to be the most consistent of all. I'm not a fan of it myself, though, because I don't want to see trans identities used as shock effects or punch lines.

Because Red accepts so much from and for Liz, are Relationship Theories Clearly the most popular with fans. There is ample evidence for and against each of these theories and other ideas floating around on the internet. Until the series tells us something clearer, we must cling to the hope of an early reveal.

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What's your The Blacklist Theory: Who is Raymond Reddington Really?