Why is New York University so expensive

Study in New York

What does it cost to study in New York? What financing options are there?

A semester abroad can quickly become significantly more expensive than studying in this country. There are a few things that should definitely be considered when financing. First of all, it is important to think about how the local living costs for rent, electricity, telephone, food, etc. can be met. Here are some saving tips that can help you save a lot of money. For example, you can significantly reduce telephone costs with a US calling card.

But the tuition fees that are due are likely to be much more serious. Because while students in Germany only pay the semester fee, students in America have to pay thousands of dollars annually to study at a university. For example, New York University (NYU) costs around $ 50,000 annually.

Of course, not all universities charge such huge sums, but the fees due can still tear a considerable hole in your wallet. Therefore, as far as possible, all possible funding opportunities should be exhausted. For example, anyone interested in spending some time during their studies in Mexico or the USA can apply for the Care Concept USA scholarship, and it consists of monthly financial support including international health insurance. In addition, there are a large number of private and public scholarship providers. An overview can be found in the scholarship database of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Those who could not get a scholarship can apply for BAföG abroad. To get this, the applicant must have studied in Germany for at least 1 year. If approved, tuition fees of up to EUR 4600 per academic year will be covered, as well as a health and long-term care insurance subsidy and a flat-rate share of travel expenses of EUR 1000 per year.

College or university - how do you find the right university?

The USA has an extremely diverse university landscape to offer. There are several types of university within the US higher education system. Colleges are the most common type of university because this is where the undergraduate degree is completed. Here students can achieve a Bachelor's degree within 4 years.

At the community colleges, on the other hand, there are two-year study programs. Here, the lowest degree in the USA can be obtained with the associate degree. At the universities there are not only bachelor programs, but also master’s degrees can be achieved here. There is also the opportunity to do a doctorate here.


If you want to study in New York, you should definitely prepare accordingly. In principle, interested parties should allow for a general planning phase of 12 months, because it can quickly take a few months until all bureaucratic matters have been dealt with. All in all, studying at one of the world-famous New York universities can be an important step forward for your future professional career. So if you tackle it properly at a young age, you may later find yourself exactly where it all began: in the world-famous streets of New York.