What is nitrogen meaning


The spray cream is foamed with the help of nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a chemical element, i.e. a certain chemical substance. It is abbreviated with the chemical symbol N. Pure nitrogen has no color, smell, and taste. It doesn't burn. Nitrogen is a gas and makes up most of our air: almost four fifths of the air is nitrogen and only about one fifth is oxygen. We would suffocate in pure nitrogen, hence the name. However, nitrogen also occurs in many chemical compounds with other substances.

Nitrogen is very important for all living things. It occurs in many nutrients, for example in protein. However, only very few, very small living things can use the nitrogen from the air, for example some bacteria. However, nitrogen compounds also occur in the soil and help the plants to grow.

Where do we use nitrogen?

Because nitrogen compounds are good for plant growth, they are also produced industrially as fertilizers. Many explosives are also certain nitrogen compounds.

Nitrogen gas is used to inflate tires in automobiles and especially airplanes. It is used for welding and even to froth cream. Liquid nitrogen is also used as a coolant because it can absorb a lot of heat.

  • A vessel of liquid nitrogen. It is extremely cold and evaporates at room temperature.

  • Aircraft tires often get very hot and smoke when they land. So that they don't catch fire so easily, they are filled with nitrogen.

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