Why didn't Tesla design flying cars

Xpeng: Tesla hunter plans flying car

After the first soaring, the price of the Xpeng share has been falling since November. But the electric car manufacturer from China is only now really looking to take off with part of its product range - literally. The project, which was presented at the Shanghai Auto Show, is said to be well advanced.

The flying electric vehicle (?) Heitech was shown at the auto show. It can accommodate one person and looks like a futuristic helicopter. Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of Xpeng, told Yahoo Finance, Xpeng plans to produce the aircraft (or vehicle?) Soon.

“It should be a flying car of the future. We have invested in a separate company that designs and manufactures flying equipment. Now we really want to combine Xpeng's technology with the flying device company to make flying cars, ”said Gu. “Our intention is to design a car that can actually drive on the road, but it can take off vertically and fly at low altitudes below 100 meters. That's something we want to test commercially by the end of this year. ”Ideally, test drives (and flights?) Will be possible as early as next year.

Xpeng delivered 5,102 electric vehicles in March - more than doubling compared to February and 384 percent more than last year. Sales in the first quarter are expected to increase by 533 percent.

With the project, Xpeng is also competing with developers of autonomous passenger drones. An exciting development with a view to the coming years. It remains to be seen whether the idea will become more than an air act. In addition, if successful, other manufacturers would certainly follow suit. Xpeng had already presented the project last year (Link). The ongoing correction in the Xpeng share is similar to that of other (Chinese) electric car manufacturers. From a chart-technical point of view, a purchase is not (yet) necessary.