Where does Elon Musk stand politically

The entrepreneur and multi-billionaire Elon Musk would like a million people to colonize Mars in the foreseeable future. That is why it will reduce the price of a flight to Mars from an estimated ten billion dollars to 140,000 dollars. He has the tomatoes that are supposed to grow up there grown at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Spaceships for 100 passengers are in the works.

This plan is, of course, primarily insane. Whereby one shouldn't underestimate Elon Musk as a madman. He has already succeeded in revolutions twice. First he reorganized payment transactions with the Internet company Paypal. He then initiated the start of an energy transition with the electric cars from his company Tesla and the Solar City wall-mounted batteries.

The Mars plan is also likely a ploy to fill funding gaps with pre-orders. He did this with his first mass-produced Tesla Model 3, for which 400,000 pre-orders have already been paid for, although the car is not yet ready for series production. And Musk's space company SpaceX, which has been one of his since September 1st, is likely to have had financing problems Falcon 9Missile exploded.

Nevertheless, you have to take it a little seriously. After all, his dreams of colonizing Mars are even older than his electronic visions. SpaceX has been around a year longer than Tesla and has been very successful so far. The only question is why he is now pursuing plans which, according to the state of some sciences (physics, medicine, psychology, for example) are complete nonsense.

In the new industries, the 45-year-old South African with an American passport and California resident is not alone with such plans. Google founder Larry Page and the monumental filmmaker James Cameron founded Planetary Resources Inc., a kind of mining company for space. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos runs the Blue Origin space airline, while plate and aviation billionaire Richard Branson runs rival Virgin Galactic.

There is a little megalomania behind all of these projects. After all, space travel was once the domain of the superpowers. If the private sector takes over the universe, that is a sign.

Musk, however, is no less important than saving humanity. In his head it must look like one of those Roland Emmerich films, in which extraterrestrials and forces of nature destroy humanity and everything that is dear to them. Musk also invests in projects that are supposed to prevent the destruction of humanity through artificial intelligence. Mars would be a preventive refuge for possible apocalypses. Astronomy says that temperatures there won't be comfortable for about two billion years. But Elon Musk has never been impressed by the laws of nature.