Makes online rummy real money

Play rummy for money

According to our rules of the game, rummy is not a game of chance and can be legally offered and played in Germany.

Ability and strategy decide

Skill and strategy are decisive As in any card game, the cards dealt to players are purely a matter of luck. What the individual game makes of it, however, in order to decide his game to the advantage, depends primarily on ability. Decisive is a good ability to observe and remember, the recognition of possibilities and last but not least the development and implementation of game strategies.

There are always several games in a game

There are always several games in a game Even a very good player can be unlucky in individual games, as the cards dealt offer hardly any chance of winning. The more games are played, however, the more this luck factor takes a back seat, and the skills of the players ultimately decide between victory and defeat. For this reason, playing for money stakes is only possible from four games per competitive game.

Playable even with small stakes

Playable even with small stakes On average, each game and player can be expected to last around 90 seconds. So if three players play four games, a playing time of just under 20 minutes can be expected. With a possible stake of 50 cents / game or more, the possible loss is justifiable in any case.

Low fees

Participating in a game of money only incurs fees (also called table money) of 15% of the stake.