Which websites can I download books from?

Best Websites Part 12 - Download Free Books!

“Everything is already on the Internet - you just have to call it up,” a professor once said to me and certainly meant the many platforms for free books. But what are these platforms and what is their target group?

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Why Free Books Help In Every Way!

At the beginning of my studies I was seized with zeal: I ordered books and thought to myself: "You could have saved the money too!"

If I had looked at an excerpt online beforehand, I might have come across the funnel sooner. In times of eBooks, which are partly financed by advertising, you save yourself the trip to the bookseller and save your wallet. After all, online sales are also associated with lower costs.

Free web, programming, and design books? Rheinwerk openbook!

The Rheinwerk Verlag1 is known among the technical professions. Books like “How do I become a UNIX guru?” Or “VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server” are rather unsettling in the text - but often contain the information that one is looking for. Even on topics such as design and website development you can now find free literature there, which can only be read online. Insight2 It is definitely worth it!

Download free books on studying and business!

There are topics such as accounting, computer science & programming, engineering, career & studies, languages, statistics, math, etc. etc. whose needs are covered. We are talking about bookboon.com3. All books can be downloaded from the platform. There is often advertising in the books themselves. This is how the financing is handled. In addition to German books, you will also find a large number of English literature there.

Browse free books and maybe find treasure!

The surface is extraordinarily old. It is reminiscent of the beginnings of the Internet - and is thus reduced to the bare essentials. At Gutenberg.org4 you will find books from more than 50 languages. According to the site's statistics, a total of 2,168,856 books have been downloaded in the last 30 days. A considerable number. Some of the books can be read directly in html format or can be downloaded in common e-book formats with and without pictures.

Free books? My opinion!

Not everything is written down on websites. Some eBooks often contain exactly the information you are looking for. Buying a whole book for this is probably a bit of an exaggeration. Often a few paragraphs in a chapter are enough. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to think outside the box of Amazon & co. watch. Maybe you can get the copies for free - and legally. Have fun browsing!

We have also provided free downloads. Including the eBook "MenschPunktNull".

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