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What is a calibration laboratory used for?


Temperature, measurement and control technology is a branch of industry in which the greatest possible precision of the results is a fundamental part of the work. The calibration of the temperature sensors and temperature measuring devices in the calibration laboratory is of central importance for reliable and reproducible measurement results. Calibration is defined in the dictionary of metrology (= teaching and science of measurement) as: "Activity which, under specified conditions, in a first step creates a relationship between the quantity values ​​made available by standards with their measurement uncertainties and the corresponding displays with their associated measurement uncertainties and in a second step uses this information to create a relationship with the help of which a measurement result can be obtained from a display. ”The calibration of test and measurement systems in the calibration laboratory is indispensable for ensuring the function and accuracy of the measurement equipment. In the calibration laboratory, all necessary instruments, machines and software components are combined and placed in an optimized work context. The calibration laboratory as a workspace is the central location where all components and competencies that are used to ensure the reliability of measuring equipment are bundled. Particularly high standards apply here to the environmental conditions such as B. the temperature to make the measurements as accurate and uniform as possible. The tests must be carried out at regular intervals, depending on the type and construction of the test equipment. Measuring equipment that has been repaired or serviced must also be checked again in the calibration laboratory.



The calibration laboratory of RECKMANN GMBH


Metrology, as the science of measurement technology, has a broad arsenal of techniques and methods for the implementation and reliable safeguarding of the results. With the development of more and more sensitive and more accurate measuring equipment, the methods and technologies for testing and determining the test equipment are also becoming more and more demanding. The monitoring of test equipment in a specially set up in-house calibration laboratory enables a company to have the greatest possible control over the testing of its measuring devices. The RECKMANN company has decades of experience in the field of temperature measurement technology. The bundled knowledge and experience are combined in the in-house calibration laboratory. Here come to over 300 m2 all factors together that are necessary for a successful calibration. Numerous specialists work at a large number of calibration stations with different calibration methods, such as comparison methods and fixed point calibration. The accreditation is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 170125.