When is the first council meeting

On Wednesday, November 4th, finds around 19 o'clock the constituent meeting of the council the city of Meckenheim in the Jungholzhalle, Siebengebirgsring 4, instead.

All residents are cordially invited to the public part of the meeting.

Note: Due to the currently increasing number of infections, only a limited number of visitors can be admitted to the Jungholzhalle. We therefore ask you to contact us by email ([email protected] ) or by phone (022 257 917-136) to register in the council office.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that when entering and leaving the Jungholzhalle as well as during the council meeting at the square Mouth and nose protection must be created.


Public meeting

  1. Determination of the retirement chairman
  2. Swearing-in and inauguration of Mayor Holger Jung
  3. Order record keeping
  4. Adoption of council members
  5. Introduction and engagement of the new council members
  6. Inhabitants question time
  7. Objections to the minutes of the meeting on September 9, 2020
  8. Recognition of the agenda
  9. Election of the deputy mayors
  10. Introduction and engagement of the deputy mayors
  11. Election of the mayor
  12. Formation of committees, committee size and representation regulations
  13. Composition of the committees
  14. Composition of the Committee on Children, Youth and Family
  15. Distribution of committee chairs, appointment of committee chairpersons and deputy committee chairpersons
  16. Appointment and posting of members in organizations, associations and other committees
  17. Change of the main statute of the city of Meckenheim
  18. Modification of the rules of procedure for the Council and the committees
  19. Change of the jurisdiction of the city of Meckenheim
  20. Timing of council and committee meetings (UWG parliamentary group of October 17, 2020)
  21. Issue of statutes amending the operating statutes of Stadtwerke Meckenheim from February 29, 2012 in the version of the 1st amendment statute of December 12, 2019
  22. Written inquiries
  23. Oral inquiries
  24. announcements

Not open to the public

  1. Objections to the minutes of the meeting on September 9, 2020
  2. Recognition of the agenda
  3. Written inquiries
  4. Oral inquiries
  5. announcements

The public documents can be viewed in the council information system and can be downloaded from: http://session.meckenheim.de/bi/infobi.asp