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Capsule tear

The fingers and ankle are particularly affected.

Capsule tear: painful but easily treatable

Joint capsules envelop our joints and, together with the ligaments, ensure stability. However, wrong movement, for example when exercising, can injure you: A capsule rupture is usually very painful. Read here how to recognize it and what is the best thing to do then.

Capsule rupture: a common consequence of a sports accident

One unfortunate move and it happened: in addition to a torn ligament or muscle fiber, the capsular tear is a typical sports injury.

Theoretically, a capsule rupture can occur in all joint capsules, but the ankle and knee joints are particularly often affected. The capsule is injured, for example, as a result of strong force as a result of a fall. This tears the connective tissue of the protective cover.

But even among ball athletes, a capsule tear is not uncommon. In handball or volleyball, the ball quickly lands on the stretched one Finger. If the finger is twisted in a direction in which the finger cannot actually move, it can also lead to a painful rupture of the capsule.

Structure of the joint capsule

We owe that our movements can run so smoothly, among other things, to our joint capsules, which surround our joints like protective covers. Strictly speaking, they consist of two layers:

  • Synovial membrane: The synovial fluid is produced in the inner layer - also known as the synovial membrane. The fluid allows the joints to move smoothly.
  • Membrana fibrosa: The outer layer of collagen connective tissue envelops the synovial membrane like a protective sheath. It is fused with the periosteum. Numerous receptors also pass on information from there to the brain, which is important for movement control, but also for pain perception.

Pain, swelling and Co .: symptoms of a capsule rupture

If you have a capsule tear, you will usually notice this immediately. The following complaints are characteristic:

  • a initially stabbing and later pulsating pain
  • significant swelling (because the joint fluid flows into the tissue through the tear)
  • Formation of a bruise (as a result of injuries to smaller blood vessels around the capsule)

The symptoms of a torn capsule are similar to those of a stretched or ruptured ligament. In addition, different types of injuries often occur at the same time. Only a visit to the doctor can give you certainty. The person skilled in the art can, for example, carry out an ultrasound examination or a magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).

What helps if the capsule ruptures?

First of all: If you suspect a capsule tear, you should always consult a doctor. He can rule out other injuries and recommend pain medication, for example. Among other things, drugs with the active ingredient ibuprofen such as the doc come into question® Ibuprofen pain gel. Because of its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, ibuprofen quickly relieves discomfort. In the form of a gel for external use, ibuprofen works effectively and is particularly well tolerated.

For acute self-treatment, you should also use the so-called Note the PECH formulawhich has also proven itself for sprains or a ruptured muscle fiber. The letters stand for the following behavioral measures:

  • "P" like pause: Immobilize the affected joint.
  • "E" for ice cream: To prevent swelling, it is useful to cool a cracked capsule with an ice pack. However, do not hold it directly to the skin, instead wrap it in a cloth to avoid the risk of frostbite.
  • "C" as the English word "Compression": A pressure bandage can also help keep the swelling from getting too severe.
  • "H" as in high camp: If the capsule ruptures in the knee or ankle, you should put your leg up in order to avoid excessive blood flow to injured vessels.

It usually takes up to six weeks for a capsule to heal completely. During this period, the joint should be spared as much as possible in order to avoid permanent restrictions in movement.

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