Affirmations can be created without the use of language

In short, affirmation is anything you say or think, reinforce what you feel. With affirmations you can strengthen the healing powers of your thoughts in yourself during illnesses and crises, for example.
Using affirmations is one of the easiest and most popular methods when it comes to changing yourself.

An affirmation is a self-affirming positive phrase that we say to ourselves over and over to reprogram our thoughts. The goal is to permanently change our behavior and our feelings.
As mentioned before, everything you say and think is an affirmation. Every thought you think and every word you pronounce. Our self-talk and our inner dialogue, all of this is a stream of affirmations. You use them over and over again, consciously or unconsciously, in every moment of your life.
An affirmation opens the door and is a starting point on the path of positive change into a new life. In essence, you are saying to your subconscious, "I take responsibility for myself now".

There are a few important things to look out for in an affirmation. Not only the structure and the sentence order are important. The language and the content in relation to the question of small steps or large goals are also essential.
If you are working with affirmations for the first time or if you generally have difficulty formulating wishes and goals and getting them to the point, you can use the so-called modular system to help.

Most affirmations are structured according to the following pattern:

I(Your text)(Your text)(Your text)

"I live balanced in the living stream of my fertile creativity."
"I am Love. I see others with the eyes of love. "

Now to the individual points:
The subject and how question who is meant. Saying “I” is more powerful and active than just saying “My life”.
The second important part of an affirmation is the verb or the activity. Verbs can of course be freely chosen here. Some options are am, have, can, will, choose, and so on.
Each of these verbs has a different effect and meaning in relation to a topic.
A nice addition is an adjective such as simple, easy, with joy, safe and so on.
With the object, you express what exactly you want to achieve. These can be states like happiness, health or joy.

When you have all 4 parts of the sentence, the language is of course a very important aspect. Because language is on the one hand an expression of what is going on in us, but on the other hand it also creates it. Language and consciousness influence each other.
When it comes to language, it is especially important that the subconscious thinks and works with images and impressions. The conscious mind also responds to imagination, repetition, and emotional intensity.
One should therefore very consciously pay attention to the language and the words of the affirmation and perceive their effect with all senses and the whole being.
It is also important that the affirmation is short and concise. It should be consistent and be a mirror of the inner truth. The affirmation should inspire you, be powerful and give you energy.

Is everything that we feel, do, say and think in everyday life really exclusively our free will? Or are we already living with an autopilot at the wheel.
How is it that we are what we are?
If, as young people, someone “convinced” us that bread is essential to life or that milk is very healthy, we will mistakenly have a good picture of it for our entire life.
One story is that of a woman who was once married to a man. Every day he told her that he had to work late today and that he would come home later. But he betrayed her and instead of going to work, he went to his lover's house. At some point she found out that he had lied to her for years. She divorced, but after a while married a great man. He always came home punctually at 5. After 4 years the man called his wife and to tell her that he would be a little later today. As a result, the woman became completely hysterical and yelled at her husband. But neither of the two could explain why the woman reacted so violently to the situation. Through the lies of her ex-husband, the association with working longer and cheating has burned into her subconscious.
And in the example you can see very well how the subconscious can control a person without us even noticing it.
Affirmations are there to work against these fixed, rigid and negative thoughts in our brain.
As we get older, our brain only runs with programs and with the help of an autopilot. Without the chance that we can voluntarily react to situations, this takes over our uncontrolled subconscious.
But now the question is why it is so difficult to simply change. On the one hand, it is simply very convenient to use familiar programs that run automatically. On the other hand, we also have an ingrained fear that if we change we will lose our identity.

You have to release all these blockages and feel yourself again as master of your own thoughts. You have to make it clear to yourself and your consciousness that only we ourselves can change something about this inability to make decisions ourselves. To get rid of these old world views that we and our environment have talked us into in the course of life.
Affirmations cannot take this step into a new, more independent life for us. However, you will be amazed at how much power positive self-affirmation can have in our minds.

  • Health / body
    • partnership
    • sexuality
    • love
    • Grief / loss
  • Family / children
  • Friendship / social relationships / community
  • job
  • Finance / Success
  • creativity
  • gratitude
  • Forgiveness / letting go

Affirmations in Practice
  • to recite in your mind
  • You can memorize them
  • You can say them out loud, in the car or in front of the mirror
  • You can sing them
  • You can write these on pieces of paper and stick them where you often see them
  • You can email them to yourself
  • You can write them down over and over, by hand or on the computer
  • You can record them and listen to them
  • You can ask a friend to whisper the affirmation in "you" form in your ear
  • You can use the affirmations as a screen saver
  • You can create a presentation in PowerPoint and look at it every day
  • Inform water
  • Write the affirmation on a piece of paper and place the glass on it. This is how the water absorbs this information.
  • Transmission using radionics