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Superfoods: which foods make our teeth even whiter

18 Sep Superfoods: Which foods make our teeth even whiter

Coffee, black tea, tobacco and red wine are all considered to stain teeth. In fact, however, far more luxury foods and foods are responsible for the discoloration of our teeth.

We have summarized for you which these are and how you can prevent discoloration.

The culprits

If the teeth are discolored, they are deposited kforeign dyes in the surface of the tooth enamelarea a. Teas such as roiboosh or green tea can stain our teeth in the same way as the "classics" coffee, nicotine, tobacco and red wine. Whether a tea can have a strong discoloration effect can be seen on the rim of the cup. Each stmake the tar worseuckstwould change after emptying the cup, the stThe degree of author can be worsebe coloring. In general, the more color pigments a food contains, the higher the likelihood of tooth discoloration. Balsamic vinegar, red wine and soy sauce are therefore at the top of the list. But acidic fruits such as cherries or blueberries or fruit juices can also increase with frequent consumption unexpecteddesired authorcolorations to lead.

What can I do about tooth discoloration?

The first and most important place is of course Teeth cleaning. Regular and thorough oral hygiene is essential and automatically prevents the worst discoloration. However, those who frequently eat foods that discolour their teeth should not necessarily go for one Toothpaste with stgreater abrasion, so Hhigher abrasivenessat fall back, as these also attack the tooth enamel and thus the protection of the tooth.

The most natural way to fight tooth discoloration is saliva. He is the natMost natural tooth cleaner and removes plaque bacteriathat play a major role in the staining of teeth. To stimulate the flow of saliva, you can chew chewing gum after consuming discolored food.

Healthy for the teeth: the right foods

These foods make your teeth whiter!

Carrots are a real miracle cure. In addition to the fact that they contain a whole bunch of healthy ingredients and vitamins, they also stimulate the flow of saliva and the vitamin A contained nourishes and supports tooth enamel.

Also Apples can change a lot in our teeth, because malic acid is practically the master propper of tooth discoloration. It is not for nothing that it is said: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

However, too many apples or generally acidic foods and juices can also damage the tooth enamel and white spots can appear.

Who to celery reaches out, you have to deal with a real cleaning devil. Because the fiber-rich structure removes plaque from the teeth as if by itself.

It also has a similar tooth cleaning effect Pineapple. The enzyme bromelain contained in pineapples dissolves the proteins in the plaque and thus removes tooth discoloration.

N├╝sse are popular protein bombs. They are high in calcium, which helps strengthen tooth structure while allowing them to clean teeth as they are consumed.

Diet and dental care are in balance

Even if the foods listed above have a supportive effect and can clean our teeth to a certain extent; We cannot avoid classic teeth cleaning.

In addition to the tdaily cleaning of our Ztoe kSo these foods can help, but not work miracles.