Why don't nurses have more jobs

Things a Nurse Doesn't Say

As a nurse, you are constantly dealing with patients, relatives and colleagues. Often you will be confronted with annoying or bizarre situations. We have summarized 15 things that you would probably never say in moments like this, but that you have probably thought often enough.

"Of course you can call me on you."
Often times, patients use you without asking beforehand. That can be annoying, especially because you want to maintain the patient-employee relationship. Some patients don't even realize that you want to be welcomed and that a "you" is inappropriate. In this case, the only thing that helps is to gently point out to the patient that you do not want to be used.

"I look great in the slip-on jacket."
Of course, your work clothes don't always look good, especially if you have to wear a tunic that is much too big. You are not fulfilling the prejudice of the “sexy nurse”. But your work clothes should also be functional and fulfill their purpose. The advantages of the tunic outweigh it, even if it doesn't necessarily look good.

"The three-shift system is absolutely great."
Working shifts is not always easy. Night shifts, changing to the morning shift and weekend work put a strain on the body. It is all the more important for you to be and to stay fit and productive. With simple tricks such as the right diet or light sporting exercises, you are prepared for strenuous shift work.

"During my break, not a single patient rang the bell."
Because exactly when you finally sit down at the table to take a break, the patient rings from room 213. If your colleagues don't have time, you have to interrupt your well-deserved break for better or worse. And of course that happens more often. Even if you have to take care of your patients, you should always take your breaks.

"I'm always wide awake on night duty."
Early shift, late shift, night shift - that can mess up the biorhythm. At some point your body gets used to it, but switching to night shifts is particularly difficult and restful sleep falls by the wayside. With a few simple methods, you can significantly improve the quality of your sleep despite shift work, making you more alert and relaxed during work.

"Electronic aids work perfectly."
Thanks to Care 4.0, technology will continue to develop significantly. Electronic case files, care robots or intelligent mattresses - in the future there will be more and more digital devices that should make your work easier. It happens that some devices sometimes don't work as they should these days and this means additional work for you. In a few years, however, the electronic helpers should make your everyday work much easier.

"I like to follow care tips from relatives."
Concerned relatives quickly interfere in your patient's healing process. That can be pretty annoying. But wait a minute: who has the medical expertise here again? Many people do not think about the fact that you acquired detailed knowledge during your training. They care about their family member and only want the best.

"We are not a hospital, but a hotel."
Some patients don't see you as a nurse or caregiver, but as a housekeeper. The stay in the hospital is being exploited. Unrealistic ideas about hospital service are nothing new. Kindly remind patients that they are in a hospital and that you cannot provide full service.