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Hello Rolf,

I once adjusted the title so that one or the other might feel more addressed to give hints.
Personally, I am more familiar with Roland, where the system for the one-finger automatic system differs slightly from that of Yamaha, if I remember correctly.
Basically, it should look like this with all automatic accompaniment keyboards that the root note played with the left hand defines the chord. If you also play the third, you decide whether major or minor, i.e. C and E result in C major, C and Eb result in minor. You can also play three notes at the same time, C, E, and G result in C major and C, Eb and G result in C minor. The position does not matter here, G, C and Eb also result in C minor. If you play the root note 7, i.e. C and Bb results in C7. This is definitely the case with the Roland. Now I think I remember that on a Yamaha I once had the experience that H and C together resulted in C7. In the case of the Roland, a Cmaj7 chord would consequently be generated from this.

Input from a colleague who is familiar with PSR would be required here, maybe @Musiker Lanze?
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